Kamen Rider Fourze – 23 Released

Gentarou couldn't make friends with the test.

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Hooray, another fun episode. This one actually took me a while to TL because I’ve been kinda burned out (last week was full of Extra Stuff to do – Gokai movie, OOO Episode Final, Giant Step MV, etc.) but do not let that reflect upon the quality of the ep, which was excellent. Enjoy the wonders of Riser Shirogane and Sieg’s lovechild, Cygnus.

TL notes after the jump.

You know you love ’em.

Right, first off, new Foodroid. The Japanese name is Softonia, where ‘soft’ is derived from the Japanese term for ice cream in a cone like that, “soft serve”. I went with gelato, the Italian for ice cream, to preserve that portmanteau.

During Gentarou’s first transformation sequence, we get to see all the tests for the 4 main characters lying on the ground. While Gentarou’s 4% score is the most obvious one, you can also see Yuuki got a 66%, Ryuusei got a 98%, and Kengo got a full 100% because his brain is literally made of space.

Cancer’s joke about having to run was actually one I could pretty much make work the same as the Japanese version. Japanese as a language lends itself much better to homonyms, though, and that comes into play here. The original version of the joke still used the marathon runner, but the other object was a leaning tree. The punchline is “hashiranya naranai” – which still means “We’ve gotta run!” when dealing with the marathon runner, but would also sound near exactly the same as “hashira ni wa naranai”, which basically means “It wouldn’t be sturdy.” Get it, it’s a leaning tree. Hilarious.

Swapping the tree out for a leaky faucet lets it work just fine as a homonym joke in English, though, and so the day is saved.


{HeatMetal} if you dont have shun refer to his mother as mummy
{HeatMetal} then your subs are a fundamental waste of time
{HeatMetal} i am giving this to you
{HeatMetal} so don’t disappoint me, starscream

Blame Heat for that one.

5 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 23 Released

  1. If you’re Starscream does that mean you’re constantly plotting to kill Heat and take his place? While sharing your voice with a terrorist?

    • I believe the implication is more that I’m a terrible traitor splitting off to do my own sub of the show, but let us not try to pry too much into the mind of Heat, for it is a place filled with things no man can comprehend.

  2. HEY! I just got the newest episode now. Thanks for the script

    HAHA~! I love cancer, he is such a funny yet strong character, How he ran away after that joke is just hilarious, love it so much. My only concern is shouldn’t horoscope be a little bit more careful with their actions? Kinda feel weird for that cancer to pick a fight with fourze just because Ryussei reveal his identity.

    Swan Girl is so damn accurate, Fool, Stupid, Gothic and Pretty-Face, a very nice sum up of each character. Around of applause for Swan girl please! (clap!clap!clap!….. )


    Each character in the episode is just well portrayed, Oosugi, Daimonji, JK all of them

    Neat episode indeed, Good Job Hasegawa!!

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