Astronauts – Giant Step PV

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So, here’s the PV for Giant Step, the first Fourze battle song. It’s a thing! I hope you like things. Gust whipped up the raw, MegaAnon timed it, I worked some translation magic and Frumix stared at it disapprovingly, and that makes for a pretty good combination. <3 you really, Fru.

Anyway, enjoy Fourze being trapped in a light cage for no reason.

5 thoughts on “Astronauts – Giant Step PV

  1. I wish Endless Play had gotten a PV, if only to cement it’s superiority over the other Climax Heroes themes in Toei’s mind (I shall never forgive them for not putting the theme to OOO’s on a single)

    But regardless, fuck yeah things, especially things named Giant Step!

    It’s still so long a wait for Shooting Star…

    • Yeah, I wish there was an Endless Play PV, I would love an excuse to translate the whole song. Oh well.

      Shooting Star is going to be amazing though, if only for the line “SHOOTING THE TARGET WITH YOUR FISTS”

  2. Is “well I mean you already did part of it for that episode of Fourze, might as well finish it!” a good enough excuse? (I just love the song so I had to try)

    That line’s amazing in all the ways.

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