Smile Precure – 02 Released


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So, ep 2! I literally just made a post saying this wasn’t going to be out tonight because Rika, Distro Dude Supreme, had magically vanished, and then the lovely CureGecko stepped in and offered to seed, so everything’s swell and awesome, and I think that’s a good state to be in. So, here’s ep 2.

tl;dr Akane is the goddamn best even though it’s hard to write her for long stretches. My mind kind of loses track of how heavily I should be making her Talk Funny.

Speaking of, I got reviewed by Dark_Sage, a person I was completely unaware of before now but totally love the concept of what they’re doing. I’ve tried to take some of that feedback on board – the first ep was rather a rush-job so I’ve put a bit more polish into making sure shit is legible, maybe avoiding some of the more… interesting typesetting practices I use for our toku stuff, etc. The biggest complaint – that I am literally incapable of following the rules of proper English without a capable editor – is reinforced by the fact I am lacking an editor entirely. One will try and make do, however, and soldier on regardless, and I give thanks for the recommendation and compliments.

Anyway, enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 02 Released

  1. Minor quibble; the hq to this epi would not play very well on my PC. (Kept having laggy subtitles. Yuck!)

    …Tho yeah you know my gear’s a tad old. You might want to check it though. As I said, MINOR quibble.

  2. Thanks for another ep~! Love your translation, it fit the mood a lot more than other subs I tried.

    I was very impressed with this Precure because the beggining of the Ending start with the major character that focus on that episode. Like episode 1’s ending start with Cure Happy and this episode ending start with Cure Sunny. The dance and the music itself is really good too! Really looking forward to the full version of it.

    This episode, I love the story of Akane eventhough does not like some parts of the voice acting, like there are a lot of lines where the voice does not fit the mood too much…. But it is still minor problem anyway.

    Anyway, another fun episode, Thanks again Aesir

  3. You guys are the only Smile Precure subbers that I’m following, so could you hurry up and sub ep 3 already? Jeez, it’s not like I follow you guys because I like your subs or anything.

    • we’ve been suffering from a severe case of the vidya

      it’s been translated but once it’s timed i need to go over and give it a context check because my TL pass was just from the captions so

      blame a combination of sonic generations and peace walker hd for my partner and i respectively

    • 3+4 will probably be a double release at this point just for convenience’s sake – though it is basically done at this point, I should have 4 done tomorrow too.

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