Kamen Rider Fourze – 22 Released


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Two things! 1) I’m trying a new approach to translation stuff by putting any super-relevant stuff in the sponsor segments of the actual show. Let me know what you think of this and if it’s too annoying.

2) There is also a new transformation effect for Fourze that someone on 4chan recommended I code. (The existing one can apparently break on some setups, but I’m not sure what causes this.) I haven’t made this the default in either the SD or the typeset script, but it’s in there – you just have to go in with Aegisub and decomment it. There’s also an SD low-quality test encode if you’re super lazy. Again, lemme know what you think and if I should make it the default one from now on.

13 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 22 Released

  1. Thanks for the release, Magenta!

    I honestly can’t see any problem with the sponsor segment bit. Let’s face it, most of us are going to die in time, but your toku subs will make you immortal. Doesn’t mean your blog will still be up. Keeping all the explanations in the sub itself saves a lot of headache. It’s not distracting at all, either.

    I’m indifferent on the new sub effect. It’s more aesthetically pleasing than the black alarm clock. If it fixes a glitch too, I say go for it. Is there a way to paste over the old effect for the older subs for consistency?

    • Yeah, I made it so the new effect has the exact same timings as the old one. It’s just a case of copying the new 5 lines over the old 5 lines with Ctrl+Shift+V and everything’s fabulous.

      My only worry about outright changing it is baffling people who utterly don’t pay attention to blogs and /m/ discussions and that kind of thing, but if people like it then I guess that’s what matters.

  2. Speaking of effects breaking on certain setups (guy whose 1 was off position you tried to help, hi!)

    Well after all the suggestions didn’t solve anything, I decided “why not redownload the font it’s not like you have anything important to do like WORK” and off to dafont I went to download the Digital-7 font. So went to install them it went “install, install, you sure you want to do this one you already have it? Okay installing.” Opened Fourze, skipped to Shun’s surprise water facial and…the 1 was in position and everything was correct.

    So…yeah. That happened.

    • Haha. Tech support powers go!

      For once, “have you tried reinstalling?” would have actually been the helpful thing. The only tech support situation in which it is. Miraculous.

  3. Hey! Another Fun Episode!! Glad to see that after almost reaching half of the story, there is finally a new horoscope came out.

    Speaking of which, if you go to TV-ASAHI’s Fourze’s site and see Horoscope part of it, you can realize that Cancer and Scorpion has the same coat. Different from Libra, Virgo and Leo. Yeah, a good way to budget the money.

    Story is tight and well written, but wow~ JK actually used Street Dancing and that Pegasus actually got paused by it? AMAZING~!!

    The detail of Ryusei can not transform into Meteor because of distraction is also a good one.

    Anyway, NEXT WEEK, HASEGAWA IS COMING!!!(The best screen writer ever…… Well ,probably a little bit worse than Toushiki Inoue, But anyway better than Sanjo Riku)

    • Ahahaha, I didn’t notice he re-uses Scorpion’s coat. I guess they can cycle them out like that though, we’re probably not going to see Scorpion again until end-game so they won’t be on-screen together… might as well re-use little props like that, I guess!

      It does boggle my mind that everyone in this show is incapable of working out who Meteor is. I wonder if Virgo’s little distraction was more of a way of luring Ryuusei out of attendance… seeing who turns up for afternoon register but not morning, maybe, and using that to figure out who it is? We’ll see.

      • I’m personally of the mind that Gen knows, but is keeping mum “for his friend.” Gen’s entire THING is that secret identities sorta fall apart around him, and he’s said some stuff that’s too close to outright saying ‘Ryuusei is Meteor’ but stopping just short. I mean, Gen’s dumb, but he’s not that dumb. What everyone else’s excuse is… no idea. Ryuusei’s broken just about every ‘keeping a secret identity’ rule there is.

        • Oh, and the translator notes are fine, just keep them short and readable and I see no problems. Not everyone wants translator notes to teach them to speed-read like watching Yakitate Japan with an anime club taught me. Paragraph long translator notes, up on the screen for 2 seconds, at the same time as dialog. It was crazy, but sorta fun in a way, but I’m weird.

          • Yeah, my plan is absolutely not to have them on the screen at the same time as dialogue, and absolutely not to write the dialogue in such a way that it depends upon the notes. They’re just going to be bumpers on the ep that explain things but you can totally ignore them and everything will be exactly as it always has been. It’s purely more, optional, information – I will not use it as an excuse to be lazy in how I translate things.

            • In that case, I forsee no problems! Keep up the good work, you’re probably my favorite sub group at the moment, and even when it takes you a little longer, it’s worth the wait.

  4. My only REAL problem is that I watch this with another person. He downloads I download it then we push play at the same time and talk about it over MSN. The Translators notes don’t get to be on screen long enough to read them and I have to go back and look at them when we’re done.

    BUT, this ACTUALLY isnt a problem for people who don’t do this STRANGE thing that I do. So about 99.99% of everyone else that watches your subs should be fine with it. And also your scripts are always the best.

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