4 thoughts on “Fourze 20

  1. Just wondering when the SD version of 19 will be released? My computer is made of wood and catches fire when I try to play HD video files.

    • I’ll fling it up now onto Fileserve, I guess. I’m still not entirely happy with the DDL situation but I guess better something than nothing.

      Edit: And that is now a thing.

  2. Will releasing the HD with dual scripts be the standard release now? Because I’mokaywiththis.jpg

    • If it won’t hold things up too much (i.e. more than a day), it seems like a reasonable idea. To be honest, I dunno why I wasn’t doing it before, now I’ve actually reasonably settled on a scale and drawing method for the Switches (and assuming Meteor doesn’t get any more goddamn planets) it doesn’t take too long to catch up with any new stuff.

      We’ll see how things go.

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