Kamen Rider Fourze – 18 Released

Oosugi is pretty much the best character. Well, after JK.

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Okay, let’s get this out the way – didn’t like this ep. It’s probably just me, but I’m finding Ryuusei really ruins the flow and enjoyment of the show with his dickery. It’s weird, because I didn’t like it last ep either, but it was at least fun to write there. Something about this ep just rubbed me the wrong way.


Anyway, enjoy the ep. A few little translation things to discuss after the jump.


Okay, first things first, the covers for the DVDs/Blu-Rays have an official translation of that pre-opening spiel. Honestly, it’s mostly pretty awfully worded and there’s no misinterpretations that need cleaning up, so I’m not really gonna alter my existing translation to match. I will however switch to “Space on your hands.” for the Engrish because, well, if you’re gonna be using bad official Engrish, might as well go the whole hog, right?

I forgot to fix that in time for the HD mux, but it’s fine in the SD and any future eps.

Let’s see. I took a bit of liberty with the latter half of Oosugi’s monologue. The first bit I played pretty much straight, but when he just starts going “AWWW YEAH I’M SO GREAT” I think one has license to work with the spirit of the thing to ham the script up a bit.

Fourze’s bike is first mentioned by name in this episode – it’s called the Massigler. Well, it’s full name is the “Machine Massigler”, which is why the Power Dizer says “Machine Set” when it docks in. Massigler is derived from the Japanese word ‘masshigura’, meaning to go at full speed. I went with Fullthrottler as a translation and hope that’s sensible enough to not offend too many sensibilities.

And I think that’ll do. Thanks for reading, crazy people who do. Also, fuck drawing the Wheel symbol. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 18 Released

  1. Your subs continue to make the show worth watching.
    “Local school attacked by something stupid again. Police say they would intervene, but the students seem to be able to handle the monster problem themselves.”

  2. It’s a fine Aesir translation. I can’t help but be happy when I say Machine Mashigulah, and Fullthrottler gives that same feel. Fourze Fullthrottler, to stay alliterative.

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