Kamen Rider Fourze – 17 Released

Fourze gives no shits.

Clean HD: DDL | Torrent | Clean Script
Sexy SD: DDL | Typeset Script

Apologies for the delay on this ep. Many factors have conspired to keep Fourze from your hands – vidya game marathons, raw issues, and having to draw Saturn (which I ended up just begging Lobster for help on.) Finally, however, all things are brought to a close. Fourze is here. Behold and rejoice.

Despite this being a major-ish plot ep, there’s actually quite a few things to discuss TL-wise here, both directly pertaining to the episode and general thoughts I had while TLing it. You can catch those after the jump. For now, though, enjoy the episode.

Oh, and any critique on Meteor’s effects in the SD/typeset script is welcomed. They’re very much open to change.

Beep beep, hi.

Okay, first thing, new stuff this ep. Our new secondary hero, Sakuta Ryuusei arrives! Nobody must know his secret identity is Kamen Rider Meteor! Luckily, nobody will make the connection that Ryuusei means Meteor. SERIOUSLY! It makes his use of a codename so utterly fucking hilarious.

He also calls upon his mobile satellite base, the M-BUS, during this episode. The M-BUS stands for “Meteor Back-Up Satellite.” Officially, however, this is spelt “Meteor Buck-Up Satellite”, but much like Elek and Rader this is just one of those bizarre instances where they get the English wrong. I imagine it’ll be fixed in a week or two.

There’s a few bad cat jokes in this ep too. When Gentarou pulls out Chain Array, he refers to it as ‘nekojarashi’, which is basically like bizarre Japanese hyper-catnip. The thing about it though is that while it is like hecka catnip in terms of cats loving the shit out of it, the thing that gives it it’s kind of cultural significance is that it’s common to tease cats with it, dangling it in front of their face to get them to paw at it and try and pull it away. While the concept of catnip itself is obviously one we have in the west, what’s being referenced is that specific teasing motion, so I went for a more vague method of TLing the line to try and get the feeling across.

And yeah, translating nekodamashi as “cat-atonic” is pretty awful. I utterly apologize.

Okay, last few things. This is a general complaint, but it’s really annoying how Japan will often use an English term, and then, in the same sentence, use it’s Japanese translation. This happens a lot in this episode, with Aries being referred to as ‘Aries’ and ‘ohitsujiza’ – it’s Japanese name – in the same sentence. You also get ‘zodiac’ (“juuniseiza”) used a lot in the same sentence as “Zodiart”, which is incredibly annoying. The repetition isn’t evident in Japanese, but when you’re trying to translate it and not have it sound atrocious, figuring out ways of eliminating this repetition (and making sure to avoid any “Vulture means vulture.” type scenarios) can be really goddamn annoying.

Lastly, I leave you with a little dilemma from when I was translating. The solution I ended up using is discussed in the comments, so I felt I had to leave it in the final post:

[10/01/12 – 07:36:49] {Magenta} help help stop me doing bad things
[10/01/12 – 07:41:47] {Magenta} i’m really trying to stop myself from turning “如月はただのバカじゃないぞ。地球の引力すら突破する前人未到の… バカだ。”
[10/01/12 – 07:41:54] {Magenta} into
[10/01/12 – 07:41:55] {Magenta} Dialogue: 0,0:06:21.73,0:06:23.94,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Kisaragi’s no ordinary idiot.
[10/01/12 – 07:41:55] {Magenta} Dialogue: 0,0:06:23.94,0:06:27.80,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,His is a force unfathomable and powerful enough to break free from Earth’s magnetic field…
[10/01/12 – 07:41:55] {Magenta} Dialogue: 0,0:06:27.80,0:06:29.04,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Pants-on-head retardation.
[10/01/12 – 07:42:33] {FortMaxedOut} do it
[10/01/12 – 07:42:51] {Ignis} don’t do it
[10/01/12 – 07:43:01] {LittleOlivia} Do it.

7 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 17 Released

  1. Put it into that typeset script, but after you make the properly-translated SD. I mux both into my HD’s and it’s be nice to have some extra faggishness on the pretty symbol version.

  2. Man there’s like a whole second show going on if you just watch AstroNerd.
    Also no the cat-atonic line was amazing more puns more puns constantly that is the reason I always pick/recommend your subs over anyone elses. More puns even if they seem a little fourzed.

  3. The effects for Meteor are nice, but I have a couple of minor quibbles.

    1. You might wanna remove the commas. They’re kinda distracting.

    2. How come you didn’t include the Meteor insignia for the Limit Break?

    • 1) I dunno, I feel like there needs to be some kind of break there. I guess a colon could work, but I think a comma is probably the least intrusive option?

      2) I generally just have the insignia come up when the device calls the switch’s name. This doesn’t happen with the MeteorGalaxy’s, so I think for consistency’s sake it’s probably better to leave that blank. It’s not too grating, IMO, as we’re getting to the point they’ll often cut out the switch call anyway for Fourze’s limit breaks. (This happens with a use of Fire’s in 18, for instance.)

  4. Umm, I should be more specific. (And also watch the entire ep before commenting.)

    How come you didn’t use the insignia when he used the MeteorGalaxy’s Limit Break?

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