Watch games, support charity

So I don’t generally feel it’s right to use a blog like this for advertising stuff unrelated to it’s purpose, but here I think it’s for a good cause, so!

SpeedDemosArchive, a site dedicated to video game speedruns and the like, is doing their yearly charity marathon Awesome Games Done Quick. This year, they’re raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a charity aiming to help prevent cancer (gasp!) through education and research. They’ve already raised $50,000 so far for the charity with about half their marathon left to go, and lots of awesome  live game speedruns coming up.

If you enjoy watching people play games incredibly well, then watching it happen live and the amazing atmosphere in the room makes it a really enjoyable experience. There’s also plenty of giveaways and bidding contests going on, with every cent raised going to charity to help fight against cancer. Having lost family members to the disease myself, as I’m sure a lot of people reading this have, I think it’s a genuinely great cause worth supporting.

Also, anyone who donates $30 or more has a chance of winning a totally sweet replica Master Sword and, really, who can resist that? I couldn’t.

You can check the marathon out on SDA’s homepage at You can find a full list of what games they’ll be running and when on their schedule page here.

The schedule tomorrow seems fairly generous in terms of spacing out the really cool stuff so I’ll have a chance to work on Fourze 17. That said, I don’t entirely discount the possibility of it being a Monday release, cause seriously, a Demons’ Souls speedrun in the morning and Mario 64+Galaxy in the evening? Pretty damn ridiculous.

Anyway, if I can raise even $5 to help this worthwhile cause through blatantly advertising it somewhere it doesn’t belong, then IMO that’s worth it. It really is a noble cause and if you like vidya games as much as I do then it might interest you (or consume your entire week like mine). All the runs are being recorded, so if there’s something you missed that you’d be interested in, consider flinging them a donation or two for it. Cause shit like this is goddamn insane.

Edit: Our usual raw source for Fourze (and Gokai in the case of O-T) is being hecka butts this week. I’m the type of dumbshit who’d rather have the final raw in hand before I start to work on stuff, and it doesn’t really make sense to time something like this to a pubraw if you’re going to have to shift it and tweak the frametiming anyway. I’m not sure how great of a delay this will cause, but it’s out of anyone’s hands in either group for the moment.

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