Kamen Rider Fourze – 15 Released

Come forth, Negatone!

HD: DDL | TorrentClean Script
SD: DDL | Typeset Script

As it’s been a while, have a link to the fonts you’ll need for these scripts, though it’s possible I may have to update this rar next week.

Anyway, fun episode as usual. This one was actually a real joy to write, too. Sometimes I notice that how good an episode’s writing is is totally detached from how much fun it is to write, and that’s been the case with the last few eps where despite them being very good episodes, they’ve kind of felt a bit laborious to translate. This ep is still superb – though admittedly not on the same scale – but I breezed through it a lot quicker.

Anyway, a few TL things after the jump as they’re spoilers. Enjoy the episode!


So, two little TL notes. The first is that in Japan, Christmas is very much a lovers’ holiday – it’s tailored towards couples kind of in the way Valentines Day is over here (although they have that too, the love-crazed lovelies <3) so when Oosugi sees Hayami and Sonoda talking about Christmas, that’s why he flips his shit so damn hard. I tried to semi-salvage this by him just being annoyed they were at the point of trading presents, but, ya know.

The other thing is that Canis Minor is literally just “puppy constellation” in Japanese, which makes Hayami’s reveal that Sonoda (his “little puppy”) used to be Canis Minor a complete no-brainer of a leap. Again, I tried to word the dialogue to make this transition more evident in English as the two terms are no longer the exact same word.

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