Kamen Rider Fourze – 13 Released


Simple HD: DDL | Torrent | Clean Script
Fagulous SD: DDL | Typeset Script

[05/12/11 – 14:27:12] {Magenta} http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/9944/4z13wr00129097.png whoater
[05/12/11 – 14:27:55] {tootbrush} looks like a raygun
[05/12/11 – 14:28:11] {tootbrush} from the 50s

Being typesetter is suffering


2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 13 Released

    • It’s almost always a day later because i generally don’t feel like typesetting and drawing new switches after I’ve spent the day translating/editing two shows. At that point I generally like to keep the evening free to relax.

      So yeah, typesetting fabulousness is generally a Monday thing.

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