Kamen Rider Fourze – 11 Released

Russian is basically the best language.

HD: DDL | Torrent | Script
SD: DDL | Script

Two little translation note things this ep. Catch them after the jump as ~spoilers~

First of all, when Gentarou and Yuuki start playing rock-paper-scissors, they do a little thing that’s apparently uniquely Japanese first where they calibrate their timing by both starting with rock, so the line is literally like “Start with rock! Rock, paper, scissors!” I tried to salvage this to not sound inexplicably stupid in English, so apologies to the literalists. I did leave Gentarou’s amazingly stupid line about absorbing dreamdust literal though, it’s really too good not to.

The episode title for ep 12 is kind of a weird one. It’s ‘Shimei, Kenmei’ where ‘shimei’ means like, plan or mission. That’s fine. The problem is, there are two words pronounced ‘kenmei’ in Japanese, and they used a kanji from each of them. The ‘ken’ of ‘kenmei’ meaning prudence or wisdom, and the ‘mei’ of kenmei meaning eagerness or a willingness to put yourself in danger.

I went with “Plans, Prudence and Passion” because it kind of gets the ideas across and sounds half-decent with the alliteration, but I think I’ll really need to see ep 12 and what it actually does in the episode before being able to say with any confidence what they were going for with their weird word-play. Keep it in mind, I guess. Anyway, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 11 Released

    • It is the same Ken kanji, so that could well be a layer of the pun… hrm. I guess I want to say it’s not something the viewer should be picking up on since I don’t think the reading of Kengo’s name has ever been shown in the show with any importance (bar the letter in ep 1 which was barely legible) but it could just as easily be something that is meant to be obvious and I’m just not giving it the credence it deserves.

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