Fourze 10 prep post

tl;dr My sleeping patterns are in the worst possible place atm (I’ll be going to bed about the time I get the pretime) so Fourze will be a Sunday release but it’ll be a late Sunday release. There’s Gokai/199 stuff for me to worry about so that might also delay things slightly. Man, it’ll be nice to get back into the Fourze swing again.

Also, re: the ~special project~ I was mentioning, the editor’s been rather busy, so yeah. There goes me promising the earth again. :V

2 thoughts on “Fourze 10 prep post

  1. when you say “new” do you mean “new project/OVA/one-off” or “new episode of existing project that was presumed dropped after the initial group close”

    as i’d love to see more of your OOO, as i fucking loved the typesettting

    • OOO typesetting was all lobster being a technomagic wizard though I really ought to try and coax some more OOO out by helping with what I can.

      But no, not anything we’ve released before.

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