So about that Fourze 8

Let me just run through the general sequence of events that occurs each Super Hero Time:

If I am awake for Super Hero Time, and Heat doesn’t have a fondness for the content of the Gokai episode:
I translate Gokai that week (which takes an hour or two starting from about 2am my time)
Whilst Heat translates O-T’s Fourze.
I then translate my Fourze around about 8am my time once I have the pretime to work from.

If I am not awake for Super Hero Time, or Heat really likes the series Gokai is tributing that week:
Heat does Gokai that week, then translates O-T’s Fourze.
I just translate my Fourze at around 8am my time.

Sounds simple, right? This week, however, introduced a new variant to the formula:

If the Gokai episode is about Go-Onger:
Heat fucking hates Go-Onger, starts TLing, gets annoyed at it, waits for a pretime.
I wake up about 8am my time, just before the pretime is done. Heat no longer has to do the Go-On ep!
Start translating Gokai (which had a lot of awful puns so I spent more time on it than usual getting things just right, and the presence of a pretime/raw meant I could also fine-tune my translation more than normal.) at around 9:30am
Finish that, after getting distracted several times by IRC stuff, at around 2pm (Yes, I’m slow.)
It’s currently like 4:30pm and I’m feeling a bit burnt out.

So, yeah. Not sure if I’ll get Fourze TL’d tonight, but even if I do I doubt a release will be imminent today. I’ve also had one hell of a week with IRL stuff so my apologies for the delay. I will however make sure it’s out tomorrow at the very latest.

Magenta <3

Edit: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THAT EPISODE WAS SO GODDAMN GOOD i will stay up to get it done today jesus christ

3 thoughts on “So about that Fourze 8

  1. I would like to ammend your version to what I believe was what really happened:

    If the Gokai episode is about Go-Onger:
    Mag’s about to head to bed and asks Heat to do it instead.
    Heat fucking hates Go-Onger but starts TLing anyway.
    Heat gets annoyed at his connection being poopy and fucking up his access to his handy online dictionary. He manages to finish Fourze but gives up on Gokai and requests a pretime instead.
    Az cooks the wr.
    I get the wr after midnight, about the same time Garo was about to be shipped out.
    Before I start timing, Az (who was drafting his release post) asks me about a php module for our blag that I hadn’t installed after the migration, which was needed for WordPress to be able to do thumbnails.
    I spend an hour trying to resolve some repo hell that ended up not being repo hell but just me being stupid. Server now has GD support and SSH2 support for PHP. It’s 7AM Mag’s time.
    I start timing after that. Mag wakes up an hour later, just before the typesetting is done. Heat no longer has to do the Go-On ep!
    And then Mag’s things happened.

    • oic. I actually didn’t ask Heat to do it, I assumed I’d be QCing it into shape when I woke up because Heat hates Go-On, lol. He PM’d me after I’d already gone to bed and I guess he assumed my inability to respond was a ‘you do it’?! idk. :V

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