Kamen Rider Fourze – 07 Released

I really couldn't resist.

The “I tried to post this on /m/ and got banned because the raw was on Fileserve” edition.

Yeah, remind me not to do that again.

HD (cleanly typeset): DDL | Torrent | Script
SD (faggishly typeset): DDL | Script

I had an absolute ton of fun translating this episode, I have to admit. Just pure, good fun. Daimonji’s an absolute major asshole, but I think his being a major asshole is probably the most justified of the three, and, well. The fact his character is so heavily grounded in the preppy asshole archetype makes it a bit easier to understand him. Dude’s basically Malfoy, come on.

Nothing really of note translation-wise this week I think, beyond maybe taking a few liberties with JK’s dialogue, but nothing that I think doesn’t suit the mood. Sometimes it’s just a case of translating the tone too, but, you know. Thought I should mention it.

Also, as it’s been a couple of eps since I last linked it, here’s a rar with all the fonts we use in, which should help anyone having any font issues *cough cough HENSHIN FEVER FIX YOUR SHIT :V cough cough*


2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 07 Released

  1. Well, that’s too bad, because I just uploaded it anyways! Mwahahaha! Now your good intentions have gone to waste!

    (I only uploaded the typeset version though – the link for the clean version keeps looping me every time I try to download it)

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