Kamen Rider Fourze – 06 Released

Sometimes you just land on a frame too good to pass up.

HD (10bit softsub): DDL | Torrent | Script
SD (8bit hardsub): DDL | Torrent | Script

This week’s release brought to you by poor time management. Nothing really of major note translation-wise this episode beyond the fact that it’s kind of hard to write JK and his friends. I’m not down with the kids and their lingo, yo.

That said, it’s good to see The Pillow Book appear again as a study text in Toei shows. It showed up in HeartCatch on a whiteboard in one episode so I’m glad to see it’s still around.

One last note: I updated the scripts for ep 5 because I missed a reference to French surrealism in Nozama’s dialogue with the sewing machine thing. :V Not worth a V2 but, yeah, maybe it’ll help people who know the reference catch it.

Though tbh if you did know the reference you’d probably have caught it from the very specific choice of nouns, but whatever.



<+Magenta> >just realized he was so tired last night he TL’d the new fourze finisher as “ten billion bolt break” rather than “ten billion volt break”
<+Magenta> what the fuck was wrong with me
<+Magenta> why did i think staying up for 19 hours was a good idea
<altoh> lol
<+Magenta> the keys are right fucking next to each other, it was a typo, that’s my excuse
<+PT|Gokai> only 19 hours
<SteelAJeeg> It was the Japanese V/B swap!
<+FortMaxedOut> No
<+FortMaxedOut> 10 billion bolts
<+FortMaxedOut> as in lightning.
<+Magenta> Excellent.
<+Magenta> Totally deliberate.
<+Magenta> Maybe I should just swap every episode

time will tell if i am joking

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