Kamen Rider Fourze – 05 Released

Seriously, fuck typesetting.

HD (10bit softsub): DDL | Torrent | Script
SD (8bit hardsub): DDL | Torrent | Script

I hope the above image goes some way to explaining the delay in this week’s SD. Thanks to Lobster for helping me out with it too or it’d have taken another day probably :V. I’m really bad at assdrawing. As I feel I should link this every few posts for any new viewers, you can find the fonts we use for our scripts here. If you’re downloading one of our encodes though, you won’t actually need them – it’s just if you’re using the scripts.

Now, anyway! Translation talk. A few things in this ep, one big change and one weird non-change. The change comes when JK is talking to Gentarou about how he feels so ignored and abandoned and whathaveyou. The original Japanese pun is on the word ‘habu’, to be left out, with ‘hebi’, which means snake. I changed this around to ‘leper’ and ‘leopard’ which I feel maintains the pun well enough in English, but apparently not making note of every change you have to make to keep flow intact makes you Satan or something so I thought I should mention it.

(No, seriously, I do like mentioning these things. Translation is fun!)

The non-change… is probably easy to spot. Nozama’s line about dissection and umbrellas. You know, I could have changed that to something that doesn’t seem so utterly random in English, but… you know what? It’s Nozama. Girl is off her fucking head insane and meant to seem bizarre as shit. Leaving her lines literally translated when she says something completely out of left field goes a long way towards adding to that, IMO, so… there we go.

Anyway, enjoy the ep. Hopefully I’ll be a bit faster on the ball next week.

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