Kamen Rider Fourze – 02 Released

Nozama is moe as fuck

HD (10bit, not typeset): DDL | Torrent | Script
SD (8bit, faggishlyfabulously typeset): DDL | Torrent | Script

I’ve been informed by the humor police that I am not allowed to refer to my typesetting as ‘faggish’ any more. As someone who takes a great deal of pride in indulging in a certain degree of fabulousness and homoerotic tension, I hope you will find this as offensive as I do.

The scripts are compatible with the Over-Time raws, but I can’t guarantee they’ll match pubraw timing.

One little translation thing I feel I should explain here. When Kengo spews his technobabble at Gentarou, and Gentarou’s all brain-addled, his actual comeback is “You think you’re so clever using all that katakana?!” Katakana is the Japanese alphabet used for foreign words, because in this case Kengo is using all these English technical terms to refer to things – Gentarou’s actual complaint is basically that Kengo is not speaking Japanese. Obviously, this doesn’t survive very well in translation when the entire line becomes English – I can hardly expect the average viewer to know Japanese technobabble – so it becomes necessary to rewrite slightly to ensure the English-speaking viewer is getting the same experience as the Japanese viewer.

My thanks to the lovely Caphi who helped whip the script into shape on this and a few other aspects. It’s always reassuring to me when I have people who can help keep me on the straight and narrow, and for this I am always eternally grateful to those kind fellows who fix my shit. <3

Anyway, enjoy the episode.

9 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 02 Released

  1. Thanks for the subs. Still waiting for the typeset 8D

    Why not release the 10bit with the typsetting as well? :o

    • I was fine doing typeset for both versions on OOO, as it was using the same script as Over-Time’s (which wasn’t typeset) but as this is a totally seperate translation I feel I should do both options, and it’s really a case of not wanting to do all 4 permutations.

      That and I don’t really have a rig that’d handle HD encoding in anything resembling a sensible timeframe. The SD takes me about 4 hours to do as is. Having the HD be a softsub means I don’t actually need to re-encode. :w

      That said, it’s possible to just use the typeset script with the 10bit raw if you’re so inclined and your PC can handle it. I should really post up a .rar of the fonts or something for people using the typeset script.

  2. Is there a reason why people prefer TV-Nihon still despite you’re alot quicker and also have nice typesetting?

    • Eh, there’s no accounting for personal preference. Some people enjoy the way T-N subs things and immersing themselves in ‘the culture’ and whathaveyou.

      There’s also a lot that can be said for brand loyalty – they’ve been around a long time and they have a large fanbase and reputation which means people just naturally tend to use them. Meanwhile we are, alas, young upstarts who have tended to be a bit flaky.

      Such is the world.

  3. I’ll always use Magenta over anyone that’s my blind brand loyalty.

    Hope Fourze gets better though, JESUS.

  4. Hey Magenta,

    my friend irl said he downloaded the episodes 1 and 2 both in 10bit and 8bit and he tells me they’re a bit out of sync. ( Not sure if he meant audio, or the scripts)

    • Hrm. Well, obviously you didn’t have that problem (nor did I!) so I doubt it’s an issue with the files. I’d need more info to really diagnose.

      It could be he’s using a raw that doesn’t sync with the scripts is the most likely thing, but… idk.

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