Kamen Rider Fourze – 01 Released

We're back, motherfuckers.


HD (10bit, Not Typeset): DDL | Torrent | Script
SD (8bit, Faggishly Typeset): DDL | Torrent | Script

Hello we’re back. Nice to see you all again or something.

So, Fourze! Let’s explain this first. Myself and the good gentleman HeatMetal, fair translators of Over-Time, had ourselves a quandry in that we both loved this show for entirely different reasons. It became pretty obvious we’d force each other into stylistic and translation compromises neither of us would much like if we worked on it together, so I figured we could each do our seperate thing without me annoying the shit out of him about his comic book references and without me getting butthurt about ‘it’s space time’. A great plan for all involved.

So, here’s the deal. This is a totally seperate translation from the Over-Time release and will continue to be so. I’ll probably have the HD – which uses the same 10bit raw as Over-Time and is free of our usual faggy typesetting – out in a comparable timeframe to O-T’s – depending on my sleeping patterns and whathaveyou and so on and so forth. The SD, which is our standard affair full of symbols shitting all over the screen, shouldn’t take mega longer depending on how many New Things are involved in any given episode, and depending on my ability to access my encode box. I’ll be providing both clean and typeset scripts in case you want to mix and match your raws and what-have-you, or just edit or steal things as you see fit.

That’s a point: Feel free to do whatever you like with these scripts and anything in them. It’s all yours! All yours!

So anyway, us. Long-time readers of the blag will probably have noticed all the fun times we’ve had and the abrupt halt in proceedings. We would like to finish off OOO, and that is a thing we’ll probably get back to work on soon. I’d also, personally, like to finish up HeartCatch because we were so damn close to the end. Brave and PC5 I’m not so sure on but we’ll see. I would like to do PC5 still. I do love the show immensely and probably my biggest regret of this whole affair is how it essentially caused us to get vultured. Not that with my amazing work ethic I probably didn’t deserve it. :V

Anyway, welcome back us. Good to be back in the game.

8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 01 Released

    • Assuming you’re using MPC-HC you should just be able to manually load the subtitles through the File menu. I’m not sure how well it’d cope with the effects being done softsubbed (though it shouldn’t be mega-bad).

      I was about to say “especially if you’re using hardware-based playback”, but then I remembered 10bit breaks it. Huge success!

      Really though I think 2 versions is enough so I don’t want to bog it down. Generally people who are happy to have giant effects hardsub shat onto their video aren’t sticklers for video quality.

      • that’s true, i’m trying to convert a T-N fag, and the main thing that’s keeping him with them is the typesetting, but his laptop can only manage SD anyway

  1. the effects work great on my pc with the raw on O-T.
    the only complaint i have is that i needed to find and download the digital-7 font you used on the countdown, but other than that the effects look great.
    the vector drawing must have been a nightmare

  2. This is pretty dang good, I was impressed. If you can manage these TV-N style effects with the speed or near-speed of O-T…this might become my new subs home for Fourze. For all that matters since it’s…free…anyway…

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