Battle Spirits Brave 02 Released

Caaaaaaan you feeeeeeel the loooooove toniiiiiiight~?

MKV: DDL | Torrent
MP4: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to the lovely CureGecko for seeding our torrents for us here, and double extra special thanks to Podima, our editor, who agreed to edit this at really short notice.

Okay, so some story here. On the 30th, I’d mentioned in our channel that our April Fools joke was going to be releasing a perfectly legitimate sub of Precure 5 26 and basically trying to make it look like a stupidly obvious fake. Someone jokingly suggested it’d be funny if we did BSB ep 2 as well, but as I was suffering from the flu and the ep made me want to kill myself I laughed it off.

Being kinda bored and feeling bad about not getting much work done, the next day I thought I’d open up Brave 2 and try and get SOMETHING done on it at least. All the tectonics and environmental stuff had me reaching for the dictionary one too many times to the point I’d put it down like 4 months ago and hadn’t gone back to it since. So I didn’t necessarily expect to get too much work done on it and then, somehow, I blitzed the thing in one afternoon. It is a bizarre story that basically involves me being retarded for the best part of a season, apparently, which is always nice.

Anyway then I kind of rushed like a madman to get the thing out on April Fools Day. All in all I think it went well and the end product didn’t suffer too much from having absolutely no QCing. XD I did leave one little joke reference thing in the script because, hey, it was April Fools Day. But I hope people enjoyed the ep and hopefully I can try not to take so long on the next one. :V

Maybe. D:


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