Yes! Precure 5 – 26 Released


MP4: DDL | Torrent
MKV: DDL | Torrent
Thanks as ever to Rika-chama for seeding our Precure torrents and providing the lovely [Precure]AllStars bot you can download these eps from on Rizon. Find it in #aesir, #precure or #news. And don’t forget much love for the lovely CureGecko who provides our DDLs. <3

So I thought I should make actual release posts – surprise, the April Fools was that our releases were perfectly legitimate. Truly I am the master of trolling. Nothing to really talk about this ep translation-wise, there were a few places where it was like “derp how I word this” or some creative bits of flavoring but nothing particularly exciting from an “[x] means [y] it’s very clever” standpoint.

Curse these plot-important episodes. They strip me of my stupid but easily-explainable gimmicks. Anyway, please enjoy.

19 thoughts on “Yes! Precure 5 – 26 Released

  1. Not only Nozomi x Coco, but it’s also the first episode to really set the Komachi x Nuts and Karen x Milk flags.

  2. why there are no subs for episodes 28-48 of Yes! Precure 5?! I’d like no matter what to watch this series till the end :( Please help :(

  3. can you reupload ep 26 (with sub) on mediafire or other site that i can download.because te mp4 link doesnt work and i dont use torrent ..please?

    • Try using IRC and XDCC

      There’s a bot in the #precure channel of that contains every single precure episode done by Aesir, PCSS, Curecom, and Doremi

      I made this youtube video to help people get started using IRC, XDCC and bots to download anime as the filelocker sites are cracking down:

  4. Are you ever going to go back to yes precure 5?
    Because it was halfway through, and starting up on smile doesnt seem right somehow
    O-O the smile chick does the whole “its decided” thing like nozomi, XD am i being trolled???? T3T

    D: i want to know of the cocoXnozomi romance that actually got somewhere in precure history
    There was a kiss in the movie ><
    So idk, i just really miss watching yes precure 5… (subbed)

    • you’ve not been current with what’s been going on the the precure community then.
      I’m Troy McClure, the timer and editor from PCSS, and you may remember me from such films as “Expecting people to actually give a shit when I mention this as though Zalis wasn’t doing perfectly fine timing his own shit without me.” When aesir closed down temporarily this time last year, me and Zalis from Pretty Cure Splash Subs got together and have subbed nearly to the end of Yes! pretty cure 5! starting from 27, and 43 should be coming out later today.
      find us at

  5. please finish subbing pretty cure 5, i don’t want to watch 24 episodes raw with out subtitles

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