Suite Precure OP Released

The other release image I made was a 6MB .gif file.

HD: DDL | Torrent

Two months after the show started and 5 weeks after I actually finished it, I’m finally releasing this. More after the jump.

To avoid any confusion, Aesir is not subbing Suite so don’t expect any other Suite-related releases in the future.

This is probably the most complicated karaoke effect I’ve ever done. In retrospect, it was perhaps too ambitious considering we decided to not work on the series. I think it was time well spent, though, because I ended up learning a lot about the Lua Programming Language.

Many thanks go to SalemJeanette from the precure community for transcribing the song score that was used to create the effect. I took her sheet music and coverted it to abc notation, a text-based format for writing music. From there, I wrote a parser (a chunk of which is featured in the release image) in Lua and used that to generate the positioning, shape, and color of the note symbols.

4 thoughts on “Suite Precure OP Released

  1. Sweet! (yes, pun intended)
    shame doremi-curecom are doing softsubs, otherwise that’d be great to add to those subs, seeing how it’s your TL of the OP and ED anyway

  2. It’s a corrupted release. It doesn’t work with common filters. The timing is off.

    I don’t usually ever download Aesir .mp4’s, so it could just be me.

    • Probably. Try updating your CCCP.

      The fact nobody else has complained and we haven’t pulled it after all this time should probably be a tip-off that it’s just you. :V

      (Also, if it was broken, then Megavideo wouldn’t have been able to auto-parse it into a streaming form.)

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