Yes! Precure 5 – 11 Released

Now with EXTREME TYPESETTING (mp4 only)

MP4: DDL | Torrent
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As ever with our Precure releases, you can also get these episodes from the Precure[AllStars] bot over on Find it in #aesir, #precure or #news, courtesy of Rika-chama. And thanks as ever to the lovely CureGecko for our DDLs. <3

Status Update! 26 is with our editor I am actually working I apologize. Getting a 360 has done terrible things to my work ethic and the weekly Gokai+OOO is pretty much keeping my translation urges in check when I have SO MANY GAMES to play. I keep promising to work on Brave and I will, I swear. D: I also need to work on HC and I promised the lovely Desbreko of KiraKira I’d retranslate the DX1 movie for an HD release. Basically I have a massive backlog and am choosing to ignore it in favour of Japanese popstar simulators.

A+ job, me. Anyway, translatey stuff after the jump.

Two quick translatey things. Firstly, Otaka’s crazy habit of multiplying numbers by 10000 comes up again in this episode. When she turns 610 yen into 6,100,000 yen, Rin literally asks her where the “10,000” came from, but this would kind of highlight the differences in the counting systems between the two languages (Japan works in ten thousands rather than thousands – so “6 million” is actually “six hundred ten thousands” in Japanese). I made the more generic “Where’d all those zeroes come from?” translation to avoid having to explain all that shit in the actual episode and I beg for your forgiveness.

Also, I really wasn’t sure how to handle Coco’s thing about tacit understanding. It’s very much a big cultural concept everyone’s heard of in Japanese whereas it isn’t so much in western societies. I was torn between leaving his question in it’s very Japanesey original form or trying to convert it to something more palatable, so in the end I went with both. The hardsub is weeaboo and the softsub isn’t by default, but I left the weeaboo version commented out in the script if for any reason you want to restore it. From what I know of our audience hardsub-watchers tend to be more PURITY AND INTEGRITY OF GLORIOUS NIPPONESE LANGUAGE so… ya know.

I love you all, by the way. <3 Enjoy the ep!

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