HeartCatch Precure 37 Released

Dune flunked out of Evil Mastermind School.

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to GureCecko for our DDLs. …Wait. Anyway, don’t forget that as with all our Precure releases, you can grab these eps from the [Precure]AllStars bot in pretty much any goddamn channel on Rizon at this point. It’s easier to say the channels it’s NOT in. Jesus christ.

Hooray for actual plot episodes! I’d almost forgotten what they look like in the whole 3 episodes (and as many months probably :V) since we’ve done one. Precure 5 movie, eat your goddamn heart out.

One small translatey note for this episode: I ended up translating some English to other English because it’s not the English we use :V. Bur-marigold flowers are called ‘yellow cupids’ in Japan, but as this is a) both not a term we use for the flower in the west and b) is apparently drug terminology instead, I felt it made more sense to translate out ‘yellow cupid’ to ‘bur-marigold’.

Also, happy birthday to me! And now to spend it TLing 38 (probably.)

I am tireless in my pursuit of being pretending not to be lazy.

4 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 37 Released

    • I was going to say “too late” but then I noticed you posted this like 5 minutes before I actually finished and collapsed into bed. :V


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