HeartCatch Precure 35+36 Released

On a very special episode of HeartCatch, we deal with the issue of teenage blindness.

Episode 35
SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent

Episode 36
SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Thanks as ever to the lovely CureGecko for our DDLs, and don’t forget that as with all of our PreCure releases, you can also grab these episodes from the [Precure]AllStars bot in #aesir, #news or #precure on irc.rizon.net. OPTIONS! All the options.

Have some more stuff. 35’s been literally sitting around for the best part of two months which gives you an idea of just how amazingly unmotivated we can be. 36 hasn’t been quite as bad though! …Maybe.

Anyway, TLy stuff after the break.


Okay, let’s start with 35. There’s a few mentions here to the ‘Taisho’ era of Japanese history and how one of the classes is doing a themed event in the style of the Taisho era. In Japan, eras are based on the reigning Emperor – so the Taisho era was the era where Emperor Taisho reigned from 1912 to… the mid-20s, I think. The WW1 period, anyway. Wikipedia provides a helpful image of the fashions of the day to give you an idea of what they were going for.

There’s a bit at around 4:55 where Ban delivers a line that is both faded out and being talked over by Chypre which is also not in the captions. As it’s flavor dialogue I kind of felt it was better to just leave Chypre’s line stand alone and not guess Ban’s to accompany it, but it is kind of annoying when you get that “one character talking over unimportant dialogue” thing when I like unimportant dialogue ;.;

Also, there’s a sign for the Aikidou club. Aikidou is like, a martial art or something! Apparently the English spelling is ‘aikido’ without the end u but that’d involve me doing research, which is silly and no-one would ever do that.

Speaking of which, there’s a sign in 35 that I looked at and was like “HEY, 3 KANJI, BEGINS IN ‘MYOUDOU’, MUST BE ‘MYOUDOUIN’.” when the third kanji was actually like cookery because it’s an incomplete sign for a cookery contest. See if you can spot the sign that changes between 35 and 36 and win your very own Myoudouin Cookery Set!*

*Entrants must be fictional to enter.

What a great transition to 36! Anyway. The whole “leave the rest to Providence” expression seemed to lack a good English equivalent, so I kept it kind of literal. I googled it and found a lot of Japanese people going “How the hell do I translate this?” and them getting a lot of really terrible responses that mean nothing like the original phrase, so for once I feel it’s probably best to let that little bit of overliterality slide than just make shit up. I hate leaving things in the script that remind people “HEY, THIS SHIT’S BEEN TRANSLATED FROM A JAPANESE SCRIPT” but sometimes it seems necessary.

And a fun fact to close on: the “Light Music Club” is “keionbu” in Japanese. This is where the name of the show “K-on” comes from. If you’ve never watched that show, congrats, you have taste. If you did, you already knew that, but now you can feel bad. Potentially. Unless you have pride. Do you have pride, Gotou?!

Anyway, enjoy the eps, all two of you. :V

8 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 35+36 Released

  1. thanks magenta I still haven’t seen the last episode…now I get HQs for my unhacked PS3 ^^

    • I have, and I need to give you that AVI from doremi bro. ^^

      I’m not going to spoil too badly for those that haven’t seen it yet/are waiting patiently for it via Aesir but..

      …The ending of Heartcatch is worth waiting for. ^^

    • Yes, we get it. That’s the only thing you’re here for. Your constant moaning about us releasing other stuff however only makes me less want to work on BSB because the fanbase’s most overwhelming presence here is a guy who basically goes “I should be the only one who gets toys. :V”

      Chill, BSB was relatively a side project to begin with anyway, it’s not a massive priority compared to the projects we were already working on when we started it. We’re basically doing it cause no-one else is to begin with, so. :w

      Like I said in the status thing a few posts back, BSB will probably come after the next ep of Precure 5, but HeartCatch basically takes priority over both and OOO takes priority over everything. That’s basically the heirarchy. :V

    • Just a reminder; courtesy means don’t ask fansubber when he’ll get X done.

      Mag is more friendly than a lot of fansubbers but keep nagging, he’ll get grumpy.

      He’ll get to BBB when he gets to BBB.

    • marc let’s go back to the rules:

      Rule #1: Never ask a fansubber about his work

      Rule #2: read rule #1

      darkcat’s corollary: The more you bug fasubbers to release something the less likely they are to do so.

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