The Idolm@ster 2 – PVs 4+6

The Belles of the Dragon Court!

Watch PV4 on YouTube
Watch PV6 on YouTube

I have been playing a lot of Idolm@ster and so I felt duty-bound to translate some Idolm@ster. That is, essentially, how it works, and I am lucky to have my lovely beautiful partner in mirth Lobster to help me make magic happen. <3

But yeah seriously this game is addictive and horrible and is eating my time. I have found some time to do OOO each week and some HeartCatch and stuff but I’ll be honest with you – the draw of popstardom is far more appealing than fansubbing. Heaven knows why.

But anyway, a rough status of things:

HC – 35+36 are p. much done and just need encoding and stuff which I’ll do… after this, basically. Over-Time’s OOO 20 is at the time of writing almost out and script’s with Lobster so he can typeset and stuff (and he’s already gotten the medals drawn and stuff cause he’s a SUGOI NEKO KAWAII dude like that)

atm the “Magenta is lazy” report extends to PC5 ep 11 and Brave ep 2. Working on PC5 first just because ~it’s been a while~ and then I’ll work on Brave 2. Brave is a lot of WORDS and considering the topic of the week is plate tectonics it’s stuff I need to hit the dictionary pretty hard for, I’m not ashamed to admit. In the meantime, however, I have prepared a summary of the episode for those who truly can’t wait.

Remember however that the greatest foe, as ever, is vidya games. Only when they are slain can we truly have peace.

7 thoughts on “The Idolm@ster 2 – PVs 4+6

  1. Shit I wish I didn’t keep going to places that spoiled Heartcatch for me. Every image like a dagger.

    Same with going to TV-N for Sentai. It’s a good thing that their subs for Heartcatch go beyond retarded though. “MY BAG OF TOLERANCE CAN’T HOLD ANY MORE OF YOUR MISDEEDS” or something like that.

    • Good thing I always tell people not to TOUCH tv-n for heartcatch after the Aesir team left. (I tell them to only d/l up to 16, then come here.)

      Also if you’re impatient; the better fast group is Doremi Fansubs, as anyone from the precure comm can tell you. I’m a bit impatient so yes I have them; Mag and crew do a better quality job (Translation and I like the pretty effects imo; not to mention doremi’s early MKVs do not like my computer) so I usually get Aesir once they’re available and kill the doremi ones. ^^

      Oh and Mag; Could you think about doing some batch torrents for episodes? I was introducing a friend to Heartcatch the other day, he’s prolly going to download it, but trying to get together old epis is a paain.

    • Well at least Over-Time’s doing Gokai, I guess?

      tbh I haven’t really watched any of T-N’s HC from after we left but I’ve heard nothing but utterly baffling stylistic choices. Which is weird, considering their KR stuff has been slightly less retarded as of late but what can you do?

  2. Hi magenta those games of yours look interesting if I could read them. I think I read somewhere that it’s sotar an adventure game with elements of rhythm games?

    Too bad bandai doesn’t think JP-style text adventures would work here…

    Aslo Shas’O Faiz…do wahat my sister says and check out Doremi. I love Aesir’s MP4 for my PS3 so that’s the ones I keep but Doremi does decent fast subs and they are doing Suite soon(I want to see more of the cat!)

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