Yes! Precure 5 – 25 Released

See, Nozomi’s happy too!

MP4: DDL | Torrent
MKV: DDL | Torrent
As ever with our Precure releases, you can also get these episodes from the Precure[AllStars] bot over on Find it in either #precure or #news, courtesy of Rika-chama. Thanks also to the lovely CureGecko for our DDLs.

So there we go, new content. Time for us to drop the show and vanish into the mists of obscurity, I guess. Such is the fate of people who sub this show <_>

And yes, we did enjoy our Christmas break, thank you very much. <3 We still are. Lobster is playing Mass Effect and I am happily plowing through Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I played Ventus before Terra and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Enjoy the episode.

26 thoughts on “Yes! Precure 5 – 25 Released

  1. Thanks for the episode.
    But i have a question. When are you going to sub more episodes of Battle Spirits Brave? I liked the anime and i want to watch more episodes.

    Thank you very much. And happy new year ^^

  2. reul 1: Never ask qa funsubber about his work

    Rule 2: read rule #1

    and now my real comment:

    While you guys are plugging away at RPGs I’m trying to figure out Monster Hunter Tri before I go online and embarass myself. This is hopefully before Capcom decides to release Monster Hunter G in the US and ruin all my fun as I assume that the tri servers would be pulled in favor of G..

    • I like you. I also play MHTri and have not yet dared venture online. Good game, that, albeit a bit slow. Ah well, it’s a game you play for the experience more than for the ending.

  3.…God. THANK YOU! It’s been like…years…I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you thank you! Can’t wait to see 26-end! Please please don’t stop on Pc5!!!

  4. Upon seeing the release of this episode I have only one thing to say. This comment may be a tad crude, but it truly sums up all the emotions overflowing in my heart upon this momentous occasion.


  5. Mag, I’ve played them in reverse order without realising it, but then i only started with aqua because she’s the hottest KH female ever made. So you’re not the only one not ashamed of doing them out of order

  6. The next episode looks great, but the million pound question is: What and when will the next release be? OOO, YPC5! or HCPC? I hope OOO or YPC5!

  7. I certainly hope you DON’T fade into obscurity. I’ve been waiting for you guys to actually start on some new episodes of this for a long time >_>

    If you all can actually finish this you will have the eternal gratitude of this fan :D

  8. Thank you very much. I hope the team enjoys good health, and if they throw out some more YPC5 subs, even better :)

  9. As someone who is new to PreCure and trying to gather the bulk of what has been released, I am baffled by the jump from episode 10 to episode 25… Could someone explain this to me? Is this some sort of odd numbering that the animation studio did, or is this filling in where another group stopped subbing in the past?

    • Thi series has been part-subbed before by a now ex-sub group, aesir has been alternating from going sequentially, to releasing new ones. so the order they’re going to get released is something like 10-25-11-26-12-27 etc

      • Yeah, we kind of asked people what they wanted us to do and that seemed the best thing. Do new stuff that hasn’t been subbed before and like, redo the old stuff for consistency in an alternating pattern.

        We are clever :V

        • Ah, thanks, that makes more sense, now. However, I am still missing episodes 1-7 if you released them, they seem missing from the tracker. It starts at 8, goes through 10, skips to 21, goes through 25.

            • these guys _were_ the ones from TV-Nihon who did them. they just decided that didn’t like being fucked around any more and split off. T-N’s Heartcatch 1-16 are these guys and well

  10. Holy shit, am I seeing this right? Is the apocolypse coming? WTF.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! I can’t say my thanks enough! You guys are awesome, please please finish this show!!! D:


  11. Thanks so much for episode 25. <3 *patiently waiting for the rest, whenever it may come* ^o^

  12. I don’t know if this has been fixed already or not. But, the timing on the subs for the preview of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 episode 26 is off when watching the very end of Episode 25.

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