Yes! Precure 5 – 23 & 24 Released


Episode 23:
MP4: DDL | Torrent
MKV: DDL | Torrent

Episode 24:
MP4: DDL | Torrent
MKV: DDL | Torrent

Happy birthday to our long-suffering PC5 fanatic tootbrush! We celebrate this joyous day by releasing things he doesn’t really care if we release. We are, if nothing else, fantastic trolls. I’d also like to say an extra special thanks to the lovely Maceart from Doremi who very kindly agreed to help TLC the show. More guest stars coming soon. Ish.

Anyway, the problem with plot eps is there’s really very little to say translation-wise. It’s just good, simple, tear-inducing writing. No puns, no obscure trivia to explain. I guess maybe I could make a comment about the nuance of handling the flashback translation in 24, or the joys of coming up with new attack effects, or anything like that but it seems pointless in the face of such an obviously good, well-written episode. So I won’t.

Please enjoy some of the best episodes this franchise has to offer. The fun starts here. :D

4 thoughts on “Yes! Precure 5 – 23 & 24 Released

  1. good, now all you have to do is the next episode, then you’ll make a lot of people happy

    • yes yes. Time to go “Where no one has gone before”…ok bad star trek refrence lol

      Anyway thanks for these episodes and hopefully we can get more in a month or so…

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