Kamen Rider OOO – 12 + 13 Released


Episode 12
SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent

Episode 13
SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent

First of all, an appeal. Over-Time’s translator, the lovely HeatMetal, was recently waylayed by illness and has wracked up some ludicrous medical bills. If you’d like to be a lovely lovely person, head on over to the Over-Time blog and read about the lovely donation drive they’re running and you could win some fabulous prizes! I know this kind of stuff is annoying and desperate but it’s for a good cause, so anything you’d care to give would be much appreciated I’m sure.

[14/12/10 – 10:55:55] <Magenta> i like how today is our busiest day on the blag
[14/12/10 – 10:55:58] <Magenta> and it’s not even noon yet
[14/12/10 – 10:56:19] <LobsterHime> what do you mean busiest
[14/12/10 – 10:56:31] <Magenta> ‘most views in one day’
[14/12/10 – 10:56:40] <Magenta> 802 so far
[14/12/10 – 10:56:43] <LobsterHime> whooa wtf
[14/12/10 – 10:56:45] <Magenta> previous was like 560 or so
[14/12/10 – 10:56:51] <LobsterHime> new plan
[14/12/10 – 10:56:54] <LobsterHime> release only one day a month
[14/12/10 – 10:56:57] <LobsterHime> but release a ton of stuff

Magenta Edit: Final number was 1241. You are all crazy. <3

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