Battle Spirits Brave 01 Released

"Cracky. I came." "what" "...TO THIS FUTURE."

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MKV: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to our lovely CureGecko for seeding these. <3

Hooray, a new project! The only unsubbed portion of the NichiAsa block, Battle Spirits Brave. It’s an anime about saving the world by playing childrens’ card games, so if you ever watched Yu-Gi-Oh! you know what you’re in for, really. Now allow us to segue into a handy Q&A.

What exactly is this show?
Battle Spirits Brave is an anime about CHILDRENS TRADING CARD GAMES. Brave is the third show in the series – the original was terrible and standalone, and the previous show was pretty bad and the prequel to this.

So why jump in here?
Because it’s not terrible. The previous shows were kinda bad, but this one is pretty awesome. While it does assume familiarity with at least the characters from the previous show, it’s not to the extent that it precludes just jumping in and watching. That is exactly what we did: The only reason we knew about this show is because it airs before OOO. It is pretty goddamn awesome.

704×396? Sure is 2004 in here faggots.
Literally the only raws we could find for these early eps. The situation improves around about the start of this month’s block of episodes. This is pretty much why it’s taken us so long to start working on it – just trying to find raws at all and then realizing there weren’t going to be good ones. They’re pretty good quality though despite their resolution, so… eh.

Isn’t this going to slow down your work on other things?
OOO? No, due to the way that works any slowdown is purely us being lazy or unable to do any fagsubbing at all cause LOL RL as opposed to being busy with other fansubbing work. Precure? Yeah, probably. To be honest, though, who’s going to notice a difference? :V

Enjoy the show!

19 thoughts on “Battle Spirits Brave 01 Released

  1. Hey…thanks a lot for picking this series up. Been wondering what was happening is this Season. Appreciate it.

  2. I just want to see you guys finish Yes Precure 5, no one else is doing that one too…

    I will check this out though

  3. Awesome job! I’ll definitely have to keep watching these.

    I’m a huge fan of all three Battle Spirits anime. I’ve always wanted to sub them myself, but I severely lack the time and resources. Glad to see someone finally subbing it in some way, since I’m beginning to doubt there will ever be an official English release.

    I just wanted to add though, that some of the characters actually have official English spellings of their names. (ie: It’s Plym rather than Prim, and Duc rather than Duke.) You can check it out here:

    Or, if you already knew that, sorry to nitpick.

    • I must admit I didn’t know about those, thanks. I might well use them for the characters who haven’t appeared yet but I’m really not a stickler for ‘official’ names because generally the people writing them don’t know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to spelling in other alphabets.

      Like, the Captain’s name is spelt ‘Clackey’ there, but the official blog on NagoyaTV/MayTele/whatever spells it ‘Cracky’:

      So in the end I just figure ‘do what the heck you like cause that’s probably what they’re doing too.’ XD

  4. Ah. Fair enough. I’ve actually seen both Krakki and Kurakki used for his name on official Japanese pages(and have been using the former forever out of habit), so I’ve never had a clue how the heck it’s really meant to be spelled. But Cracky generally makes the most sense.

    • Yeah, I think the best thing to do is just go with whatever sounds best in your target language. Like, ‘Duc’ is cool and all, but considering the title theme in the naming (“Duke”, “Baron”, etc.) it’s a bit… weird. XD

  5. Can someone explain one thing, what is this “battlefield” thing and the story behind the cards?

    Like, if you lose a duel in a battlefield, what happens? Death?

    • About battlefields… Honestly? I have absolutely no clue. It seems to be a carryover from the last show and the best explanation I can see is “BATTLE SPIRITS IS SUCH SERIOUS BUSINESS WE DECIDED TO USE OUR VAST TECHNOLOGY TO CREATE GIANT VR SPACES TO PLAY IT IN RATHER THAN DO ANYTHING USEFUL WITH OUR SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES.”

      And there don’t seem to be any stakes other than what the players decide. It’s not like Yu-Gi-Oh where people can just magically explode because they lost a children’s card game. XD

  6. Wow thank you…^^
    This anime is awesome…
    But you guys will do the other two seasons??? I think that’ll be important for the understanding of the anime… Thank you ver much for the episode…^^

    • Probably not, they were as previously mentioned godawful. I agree there’s backstory and stuff you lose from not having seen the second season (the first is a totally seperate, different show) but to be honest the pain of watching it is far worse than any benefit you’d get :w

  7. This is so awesome! I have been trying to get bandai to get the show running back in the US since the card game is out and all. Now that a group is subing it people might look into the card game now :)

  8. Well Bandai just ended the card game in the united states but I hope with this series being subed it would get people interested again with the game :(

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