HeartCatch Precure 33 Released

It's symbolic!

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to the lovely CureGecko and maryadavies for our DDLs, and as ever thanks to Rika-chama for our torrent distro. You can grab the eps from the lovely [Precure]AllStars bot on #precure or #news on irc.rizon.net, too.

This ep’s been done like 12 years and we’ve just been really lazy and distracted. We’re terrible. I’m sorry.

Translatey stuff after the jump.

Not really much to say with this ep – kinda writes itself, no puns (naming or otherwise), no silly references to ancient Japanese history, just straight out plot and asskicking. I really hated Yuri up until this string of episodes but god damn does she turn awesome in style. I dub thee the Holland of Precure.

I kind of feel like I’m treating you all as idiots for even mentioning this, but Cologne being a word for a citrus perfume adds to (completes?!) the set of the main fairies all being named after some form of flora-based perfumery. On the off-chance someone doesn’t know what a cologne is, consider yourself informed?! Also, read a dictionary >:(

Also, I find it absolutely hilarious that 2 eps ago Kaoruko was all “NO YURI WILL TELL YOU ABOUT HER TRAGIC PAST WHEN SHE IS READY.” and then goes ahead and tells them anyway in this ep. Sometimes I feel like the writers on this show don’t actually talk to each other to keep things consistent.

Sometimes I feel stupid for caring about consistency on a kids show. The feeling quickly fades, however.

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