HeartCatch Precure 32 Released

Coupe: Even Yuri manages to love him.

SD: DDL 1 | DDL 2 | Torrent
HD: DDL 1 | DDL 2 | Torrent
Thanks to the lovely dreamer CureGecko and MYSTERIOUS NYAATORRENTS BENEFACTOR jaki for the DDLs, and don’t forget that as with all of our Precure releases, you can grab these episodes from the lovely [Precure]AllStars bot in either #precure or #news on irc.rizon.net, thanks to the ever-sexcellent Rika-chama.

Boop boop it’s 32. Nothing really happens in 33-34 so I think we can not worry about those for a while. Ahaha just kidding. At the time of writing they’re not ~done~ yet but, ya know. Getting there! Getting there. D:

Anyway, there’s really nothing to discuss translatory-wise this episode, but that won’t stop me trying. We’ll have some spoilerific fanart after the jump too.

I guess my one thing with this episode is Kaoruko. Something that kind of makes me feel my limits is I really wanted to try and write her like some kind of bad RPG boss giving some long monologue… you know what? Just the Symphony of the Night opening. Dracula. That. I wanted her to sound like that. One quickly realizes however that there is an art to having something that sounds really cliche without tripping the very fine line – and it is not so much of a line as a circle, a tiny circle surrounding that sweet spot where even the slightest deviation makes the entire thing terrible and ridiculous. I perhaps erred on the side of caution and didn’t make her sound as hammy as I would have wanted, but I suppose it goes to show that one always has much to learn.

Oh, yeah, there is an actual translatey thing actually. Erika uses the proverb “Kawaii ko ni wa tabi wo saseyou” which literally means “one should send cute/innocent children on journeys” – essentially, don’t coddle them and let them actually go out into the world and make mistakes, because that is the best way to learn and etc. I went for a fairly liberal translation of “We won’t learn anything if we don’t even try, right?!” just because there really isn’t an equivalent expression I could think of in English, but it’s a nice little linguistic nuance to share.

And now, as promised, fanart. The second ‘part’ of the picture I used up there for the release.

Click for full size.

I really liked these two pictures and wanted to do something with them – the splash, ideally. We kind of came to the conclusion that it’d be kinda spoilerific to do so, so, ya know, we thought we should put them here on the blog because they are absolutely adorable. Kaoruko’s saddened look in the Sora-Coupe one is D:-inducing.

Don’t cry, Kaoruko. ;.;

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