HeartCatch Precure 30 Released

"I've always admired Cure Moonlight's strength and beauty!"

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to the lovely CureGecko/maryadavies dreamteam for our DDLs, and don’t forget that as with all of our Precure releases, you can grab these episodes from the lovely [Precure]AllStars bot in either #precure or #news on irc.rizon.net, thanks to the ever-sexcellent Rika-chama.

Hooray our first time releasing two OOO eps back to back with no Precure in between. Plague may stop us but the Over-Time machine stops for no man. Writing this release post in the hasty moment before the OOO 8 captions hit and I vanish to go translate it. :V

I kinda feel like this is the last kind of ‘bad’ episode that comprised that entire summer block of “Itsuki jesuses everything”. I had the weird situation yesterday of going “I’ll take a look at HC32” just before I went to bed and ended up staying up for hours translating and typesetting it, finetuning the script etc. whilst in no fit state to be doing so. I might end up kind of regretting it from a quality perspective perhaps but the episode was just SO DAMN GOOD I couldn’t not. Oh well, this is what I have editors for I guess.

Man, look at that face. Jesus. Anyway, translatey stuff after the jump as ever.

Name meanings! Simple this week, Haruka has no surname. :V Like most names in HeartCatch, Haruka is written in the simplistic alphabet kids know that doesn’t directly show word meanings, but the name Haruka is generally written using kanji that mean ‘the fragrance of spring’. Nice as this episode aired at the end of summer. It also however, as a word, means ‘distant’ or ‘fargone’, which is nice and appropriate.

When Itsuki flicks glances at Blossom and Marine for support early in the ep, she vocalizes little ‘chira’ noises. This is kind of a descriptive / ‘effect’ word (the type of thing you’d see written as a ‘sound effect’ in manga) for a brief glance. A panty shot, for instance, is a ‘pan-chira’, with the chira meaning to catch a brief glance. It’s not really a ‘word’ or a thing with innate meaning, hence it’s not worth subbing, but HeartCatch loves doing that shit of taking ‘sound effect’ forms of an action and having characters vocalize them (there’s been several times in recent eps – last ep even, IIRC – where people glare whilst vocalizing a ‘jiiiiiiiii’ noise which is the manga-esque ‘sound effect’ for glaring.)

Japanese is fun!

On an honorifics level, Erika uses -kun, a generally male suffix, to refer to Potpourri in this episode. I am still convinced, however, that Potpourri has a vagina, so let me explain! The way she speaks and her usage of -kun is more indicative of the business-like usage of the word, where -kun is used by a boss or superior in a company addressing one of his subordinates in a calm, friendly manner. It’s a very odd use of the word, but one that’s kind of part of the cultural landscape where you get male bosses often referring to their female subordinates with -kun (and their male ones too, obviously.)

Now bear in mind ‘kun’ is descended from an old word for ‘monarch’ and the entire thing gets even more incomprehensible.

And this is why honorifics can be kind of dumb and yet hilarious.

6 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 30 Released

  1. Getting ready to do the uploads now since CureGecko is busy.

    Oh and btw. Something is really odd. I can’t seem to play the SD in Media Player Classic for some reason, I don’t know if it’s the codec or what (i’m using the last stable release of the CCCP)

    Did you change codecs?

        • Uh, MPC(-HC) is part of CCCP. MPC is just the player, the player is useless without the codecs which CCCP provides. :w

          If anything MPC is the least important part of the entire process because it’s the codecs that do all the work, the player’s job is just to present their output and maybe do some runtime filtering if they feel so inclined.

  2. But isn’t MPC one of those players like VLC that has the codecs built-in? That’s why I find it odd that it’s included in the CCCP. I mean, normal WMP, Quicktime, RealPlayer, all those, need the CCCP to play stuff. But my understanding of MPC is that it normally shouldn’t.

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