Status Update – 17th October

Hello it’s been a while since we had one of these. <3

Just wanted to let you guys know why we’ve been fairly quiet as of late – the tl;dr is “I’ve been suffering from some kind of ungodly plague.” I got OOO 6 TL’d last week and then immediately came down with some kind of flu-like virus from the lowest circle of hell itself and have generally been feeling pretty lethargic. While I have been trying to get some work done at points it’s mostly been fairly fruitless “get 10-20 lines done, realize I really don’t feel like doing this and go back to sniffling myself to death.” D:

W-Time’s TL, the lovely HeatMetal, very kindly took lead translation duty this week on OOO ep 7 because I was really feeling a bit bleh still. Ironically, the exact same thing then happened to him as happened to me last week:
[17/10/10 – 04:37:44] <HeatMetal> I’M DONE LIKE A GUN THAT’S HAVIN FUN
[17/10/10 – 05:29:12] <HeatMetal> odin’s eye
[17/10/10 – 05:29:18] <HeatMetal> i fear i may have come down with the grog
[17/10/10 – 05:29:25] <Magenta> oh D:
[17/10/10 – 05:29:35] <Magenta> welcome to the club heat
[17/10/10 – 05:29:44] <Magenta> don’t worry next week i can cover for you in exchange bro <3
[17/10/10 – 05:31:52] <HeatMetal> the son of Jörmungandr will not be laid low by mere disease
[17/10/10 – 05:33:20] <Magenta> are you trying to imply i am some kind of lesser god
[17/10/10 – 05:35:34] <HeatMetal> isn’t it obvious~?

10/21 Update: Encoding PC5 22 QC copy right now yay. Just flung HeartCatch 31 to my editor. <3

HC30 is in QC though it'd probably help if I'd had the mental clarity to remember to actively point this out to our QCers. ~whoops~ D:

And on the plus side, I've had a copy of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix sitting on my shelf unplayed waiting for an occasion where I didn't feel like doing anything but mashing the circle button. Critical Mode is fun, kids! It's really… really… fun. D:

go away marluxia i don't want this i don't want thiiiiiis D:

10/21 Update: I bought a copy of 358/2 Days. I'm a terrible, terrible person D:

3 thoughts on “Status Update – 17th October

  1. I saw HC30 on Friday night and started working on it but was like “I really don’t feel like doing this right now” so I stopped. Sorry bro.

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