Kamen Rider OOO – 06 Released

Let's face it: Who wouldn't want Cakeboss as their boss (of cakes)?

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent

Just when you think Kougami can’t get any more absolutely awesome, he somehow does it. It’s goddamn magical how great this guy is. Just when you’ve gotten used to incorporating one catchphrase into your vernacular, out comes another one you’ll shoehorn in at any opportunity. Skype is made 10x more fun when all involved are disciples of the Church of Cakeboss.

God bless you, Cakeboss.

Thanks also to the Anon whose image I blatantly stole for the release image. Love you, whoever you are.

4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO – 06 Released

  1. The torrents had dreadful DL rates for me this week, what i ended up doing was DDLing the HD then using that file to seed using my nice fast upload speed

    • Yeah, we have a seedbot we can use for the Precure stuff but it is purely an animu distro so the OOO seeding is all in-house. Until it gets out there enough to have a few seeds to it’s name it can be a bit slow.

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