HeartCatch Precure 29 Released

Dare ni mo oitsukenai honoo, leave cold behind~

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
DDLs courtesy of the dynamic CureGecko/maryadavies duo, and as with all of our Precure releases, you can grab these episodes from the lovely [Precure]AllStars bot in either #precure or #news on irc.rizon.net, thanks to the ever-sexcellent Rika-chama.

I swear I didn’t even go out of my way to make so many references. The subject of the episode just lends itself so well to them they seemed to fall naturally into place. Kumojacky quoting Terui’s jacket verbatim (language difference aside) just completed the joyous occasion in a way I would consider, were I not such a logical man, conclusive proof of the existence of a supreme being.

Translatey stuff after the jump as ever. Be warned for spoilers because explaining stuff kind of requires them this time round.

Let’s start with name meanings as ever. Hayashi’s name literally means “forest” – it’s written with just one symbol despite it’s length – 林. This is literally just two symbols for ‘tree’ placed side by side. There’s also, rather beautifully, another symbol for forest which is 森 (mori) which is just three tree kanji put together. I love this language. His first name, which is never stated in the episode, is “Yuuki” – which simply means ‘courage’. The courage to brave the forest, I guess? Kind of makes sense considering the end of the episode.

The Desertrian makes one of those puns that’s pretty awful to translate and so I kind of avoided doing so – cycle is written in the Japanese alphabet as ‘saikuru’ – with ‘kuru’ also meaning to spin. This is why whenever it starts spinning it’s arms or wheels it starts repeating that part of it’s name over and over, which is kind of clever but yet obnoxious to translate. Vidya players out there may remember the meaning of this word from the lovely GBA game Kuru Kuru Kururin which involved a constantly spinning stick.

Japan! Drugs! Hoorah!

Now then, the meat of this week’s translation pie is boring boring geography. The road Hayashi travels on is the Tokaido, or the Eastern Sea Road. This is a pretty much direct path from Kyoto to Tokyo avoiding those pesky mountains, and was pretty much the main path that ran along central Japan back in ye olde days, with getting to most other places in between involving just branching off it at the right point. The ancient paths across Japan are nicely summized by this handy Wikipedia article, which I may or may not have referred to far too many times when TLing this episode.

His journey starts from the Great Sanjou Bridge in Kyoto. He mentions passing by Okazaki Castle (itself in Okazaki, on the southern coast) and Hamamatsu, slightly to the east. Hakone, the area with the most plot relevance, is very close to Tokyo – being only one prefecture away to the West. It’s hence pretty amazing just how close he did get, and the whole thing kind of reminds me of the joke about the Irish swimmer who swam 3/4 of the way across the English Channel then got tired and swam back. Come on, man, you came that far, at least finish it off.

What a wuss. >:( Still, anything is an improvement on Mitsuru I guess.

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