HeartCatch Precure 28 Released


SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
DDLs courtesy of the dynamic CureGecko/maryadavies duo, and as with all of our Precure releases, you can grab these episodes from the lovely [Precure]AllStars bot in either #precure or #news on irc.rizon.net, thanks to the ever-sexcellent Rika-chama.

If we keep this pace up we might be done with this series by the time the next one finishes. Though seriously, my motivation with HeartCatch has been ebbing a little as of late. I find it charming on an episodic basis and yet the “Sunshine ends up solving every situation without ever really needing the other two” thing is tarnishing my view of the show as a whole with each episode it crops up in.

At least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, I guess. TLy stuff after the jump, anyway.

Sup. No real character of the week this time so let’s discuss the Desertrians’ and their “drill”.

I honestly don’t know what the fuck.

Seriously, it’s right there in the captions – “doriru” in katakana, repeated ‘ru’ at the end. From what I can establish from googling, in this context in Japanese it uses the slightly odd antiquated meaning of ‘drill’ as in ‘practice’. Obviously this has given rise to more modern meanings such as a ‘drill’ sergeant, where the purpose of most drills is just to bolster the subject’s ability to respond to and accept instructions and to demonstrate their mastery of their learning. So I guess in that sense it kind of makes sense? It still seems weird to me though. Searching for “homework” and “drill” together in Japanese do get a tolerable number of results together, though.

I did a bit of translating simplification in referring to the park playground as just a “children’s playground”. It is, literally, an OCTOPUS MOUNTAIN PARK. Yes, I do love this language sometimes. Basically those weird octopus-shaped slide/playframe combinations are a regular fixture in Japanese parks to the point of being lovingly named OCTOPUS MOUNTAINS. The most prominent one I can recall that’d be memorable to most of us crazy foreign folk is that the ‘park’ in Midgar has one in Final Fantasy VII. Aeris/Aerith slides down it a few times whilst delivering some exposition to Cloud, if I recall correctly.

…don’t get me started. I’m already replaying the Kingdom Hearts series and I really don’t want another thing to distract me D:

The curse of the summer heat seems to be something, again, fairly prominent in Japan. Taking proper precautions to avoid suffering ‘natsubate’ (from ‘natsu’ – summer and ‘bateru’ – exhaustion) seems to be the kind of thing that it is assumed most people are capable of and failure to do so makes one look, as we high-class well-spoken individuals say, a right tosser.

And as a side note, I’m glad I went for the simple option for the release post picture. The other one might have been pushing it a bit.

8 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 28 Released

    • So I am hoping. I’ve missed both 33+34 for various reasons (sleep schedule for 33 and my usual stream being down for 34 + Keyhole being abnormally terrible that week) so I’m just gonna wait till I work on them to watch them.

      31+32 were both very good, though.

    • Yeah, to be honest, so am I. The previews seem to indicate she won’t be doing it for 7 straight episodes like Sunshine did, though, so that’s something I guess.

      • Also Moonlight has already been established as being amazing so they probably won’t focus on it TOO much, plus they got those super forms coming up.

  1. Well come on how many episodes did the original two get to show off? They also only have so much time to show HEY SUNSHINE IS GREAT SHE IS TOTALLY WORTH HAVING ON THE TEAM AND IS AMAZING buy her toys.

    • I dunno, I just feel there’s better ways to do it, I guess? I just feel like it kind of shits on things to have it constantly be “You guys are useless, so I’ll do what you do better than you” as opposed to her using her abilities to compliment them and pull off something neither she or they would be able to do alone.

      anyway ~lol complaining about kids tv shows~

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