Yes! Precure 5 – 09 Released

Masuko Mika is officially goddamn retarded.

"She'll never find me here!"

MP4: DDL | Torrent
MKV: DDL | Torrent
DDLs courtesy of the dynamic CureGecko/maryadavies duo, and as with all of our Precure releases, you can grab these episodes from the lovely [Precure]AllStars bot in either #precure or #news on, thanks to the ever-sexcellent Rika-chama.

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Lobster and I were, as ever, abandoning our duties in favour of playing vidyas last night when he asked me the question “Which should I time first, PC5 22 or HC 30?”. I pondered this for a moment before realizing they were in fact the exact same episode. I am seriously considering just find-replacing “Potpourri” to “Milk” and vice-versa and seeing if anyone notices. I doubt they will.

Anyway, TLy stuff after the jump as ever.

Hooray for the introduction of Masuko Mika, one of my favourite characters from the show but also one who causes so many headaches. When she’s not ranting off in complicated journalistic language she’s making bad name puns and slowly exaggerating the same base line into more and more ridiculous versions throughout an episode. So, alas, arise oh TL note.

Normally I hate using TL notes because they’re alien to the experience – if you’re having to stop and read a TL note it takes you out of the moment… but with Mika’s name pun the fact it is based off a name means you can’t translate it out and the fact she directly explains it means you can’t just pretend she isn’t making a pun. It’s great. Fantastic. So we have to explain the pun in-episode meaning my usual name meanings theatre is ruined. So yes, “Masuko Mika” – a portmanteau of the Japanese phrase “masukomi” – “mass comm(un)i(cation)” which is their term for the mass media.

Mika, by the way, is written using the kanji for ‘beautiful incense.’ Yeah, don’t ask.

Actually, now I think of it, this episode was a pain to typeset, too. All the newspaper headlines are animated in really odd ways that are impossible to match easily with the current subtitle format’s tools (Hey, anyone from AS6 listening? Accelerated \moves. Thanks.) so we kinda had to take the best stab we could. Theoretically you could have a new ‘line’ for each frame and have them all in different positions, but I lack the vernacular to describe just how much of a pain this would be. (It’d make the BANCHOU episode of HC look like a cakewalk.)

tl;dr great episode pain to work on. Enjoy it, anyway. <3

One thought on “Yes! Precure 5 – 09 Released

  1. Hi

    Why is this Episoe 10 Seconds longer as some RAWs? (Sub 24m10, RAW 24m00).

    Is Preview on next Episode on DVD longer?

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