The Idolm@ster 2 PV3

Well, okay. Maybe Takagi is the canon path to enlightenment.

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So, we managed to find some nice raws for PVs 3-5, thanks to the lovely folk at Project-IM@S, that’re better than ripping from Bandai-Namco’s YouTube channel. This means nice pretty encodes for 3+4 AND… this is the best bit, we can do them seperately.

Really, I can’t explain enough how much I am both looking forward to (from a self-challenge perspective) and dreading (from a “making it not suck” perpsective) translating PV4’s song, Smoky Thrill. It’s just full of stuff that is totally untranslatable, so I’m basically going to have to rewrite half of it but in such a way as to be fairly seamless to both the rest of the song and the intended meaning of the lines themselves.

So, ya know, that’s cool.

Anyway, enjoy another PV. <3

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