Kamen Rider OOO – 03 Released

Hatigra Natural Habitat

The majestic Hatigra in its natural habitat.

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent

Being the ever-fickle princess that I am, I decided to make more changes to OOO encodes this week. I modified a setting that ostensibly increases quality in anime encodes but seems to do nothing but bloat filesize for live-action content. The result is ~400MB encodes instead of ~500MB and I think everyone will be happier with that. More whining about encoding and typesetting after the jump.

Firstly, since we don’t care about Goseiger, I will be cutting the Good Job Super Hero Time Hero Good Chat Time after the preview from now on (even if Over-Time decides to translate it in the future). While I’m at it I’ll be cutting the sponsor roll call after the OP too. Funny how I couldn’t be bothered to reupload 02 last week for the same reason but am going out of my way to remove these things from now on.

I’m still playing around with the transformation and attack effects. One of the difficulties I’ve discovered about doing effects for live-action is that there’s practically no stock footage. Every time they show a transformation, the actors have to perform the motions and then they dub the audio and add special effects to match what’s recorded. Contrast this to a show like Precure where up to 3 minutes (very rough estimate) of the show, excluding OP/ED, can be reused animation (with the theme songs about 25% of an episode is totally recycled material, how environmentally friendly!).

What this means for this episode is, though Eiji transforms into Tatoba Combo several times, I made a slightly different effect each time to fit the different audio and video timings. The general effect is the same, but I tried different speeds for the medal rotation which I think turned out pretty good. Maybe you disagree! If you think the effects are too distracting or simply don’t work (to a certain extent, we do have a ~FABULOUS~ quota to meet), please let me know so I can improve them.

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