HeartCatch Precure 27 Released

It's not what it looks like, I swear!

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure or #news on irc.rizon.net thanks to our lovely Rika-chama, ruler of bots. And extra special thanks to the lovely maryadavies and CureGecko for our DDLs. <3

Episode 27! In which manly men play cellos, wimpy men cry a lot and Paul Phoenix makes a cameo. Yeah, I haven’t done this intro gimmick in like, 11 episodes. I kind of miss it.

Whoo, an actually decent episode! My god, how long has it been? Well okay, like three episodes. Still. I guess those last two eps just FELT really long. I miss decent writing.

Anyway, translatey stuff after the jump as ever.

Name meanings! Nakano is fairly simple – literally just means “in the field” (or “the middle field”, one could argue). Seems fairly appropriate considering we tend to see him around fields of flowers both in Tsubomi’s flashback of how he first helped her and then at the end of the episode. Mitsuru means “annoying little brat who shows up out of nowhere so they can force symbolic shipping on him out of nowhere.” I mean, it’s written with a character that can mean either “to be content and sated” and “to be maturing and growing”. Probably the latter. He needs it. Bitter, moi? Non, monsieur.

Sora, by the way, means ‘Sky’. A rather simple yet beautiful name for the best character in the show. <3 I had a lot of fun writing his dialogue because he has this rather lovely grace to him, a very refined manner of speaking that belies this calm, wise kindness that I really tried to bring out in his dialogue. Then my editor just went “Did you do this seperately from the rest of the episode? What the fuck happened to your normal tone? This stuff is all too long for the amount of time it’s on-screen.” Feels bad bro. D:

When Tsubomi and Erika throw the GameCube desertrian’s firework back at it, they’re shouting “Tamaya~!”. Tamaya is the name of a Ye Olde Fireworks Company from Ye Olde Japane, and it’s kind of a customary thing to shout in Japan whenever fireworks go up. You see it a lot in anime, and while it’s interesting, it’s pretty untranslatable. As I work on the basis of not BURDENING the viewer with translation, I felt it’d be better to come up with something cheekily relevant and similarly “oh look we are launching an explosive” to replace it, so we ended up with what we did.

The Bon Festival that Tsubomi mentions is a ye olde Japanese festival (they’re liking that today, huh?) for honoring your dead ancestors. You know, uplifting television. For kids. Mercifully it’s not ever really mentioned beyond that passing reference, but am I the only one who read the Wiki article and immediately imagined the sending scene at Kilika from Final Fantasy X? …No? Just me? Oh well.

An extra special bonus thanks to pcj of CureCom for supplying the idea for the secret bonus hidden in this post. :3

2 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 27 Released

  1. B-B-B-BUT….
    What if we /WANT/ it to look that way, Magenta!!!!!


  2. >>Magenta complaining about bad writing in a show for little girls.

    I still love you.

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