The Idolm@ster 2 PV5

Kuroi is the path to true enlightenment.

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Okay we would totally have broken a speed record on this if it wasn’t for the fact I did the lyrics by ear and then, literally hours after uploading, the official ones came out and I’d gotten all the Engrish wrong. Tell me that those “labyrinth”s don’t sound like “malice”, though. Jesus christ.

Anyway, what happened to 2-4, you ask? Eh. 2 was a nigh-identical rehash of 1 (same song with different dance routine, slightly different dialogue selections but with the exact same characters, etc.) and 3-4 were released as a single block like 2 days ago and has what is – and I shall write about this when we do them – the most untranslatable song ever written by a member of the human race.

In any case, here we are – PV5. Our most glorious of antagonists, President Kuroi, has returned! And after Project Fairy fell flat on it’s face in Idolm@ster SP, he’s hatched a new diabolical plan to get his revenge on Takagi and the idols at 765 Productions! What evil scheme does he have up his sleeve this time? Well, you’ll just have to watch and see…

Also, work proceeds on our actual main im@s subbing project. Slowly but surely. Slowly but surely. I could release some of it now as a teaser even but I kinda think the surprise might be worth the wait. :3

3 thoughts on “The Idolm@ster 2 PV5

  1. On both of the downloadable versions, the sound was lagging by a few seconds or so and it threw me off.

    Watched it on YouTube though and I have to say that it was interesting, seeing idols verse each other “in battle” and it’s nice that you gave Kuroi the HC “evil” font.

    Him randomly speaking French was so like Kobraja except he’d want to be in the limelight unlike than Kuroi/the player character.

    • I’ve heard of that problem from a few people now but I have no clue what’s causing it. It happens for some people and not others and I have no clue what the issue is other than “it doesn’t happen for everyone.”

      Try updating your CCCP to the latest beta build and see if that fixes it?

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