Yes! Precure 5 – 21 Released

Unfortunately, the police arrested Asuka Momoko by mistake.

MP4: DDL | Torrent
MKV: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to the lovely duo of maryadavies and CureGecko, as ever, for the DDLs <3

Now! First of all, a little announcement. The CureCom channel, which we use as our social hub and general cool people meeting spot, has moved from the ChatSpike network to Rizon. If you’re a regular visitor, or someone considering checking out IRC for the first time, or just someone who’s on Rizon and couldn’t be bothered to multiserver, come pay the chan a visit. It’s full of awesome people and also us. XD The bot is of course still there for all your IRC filegrabbing needs, and now I don’t need to put “and #news on Rizon” in the description any more like a broken record, it’s great.

Anyway, the first of our PCSS-style alternating releases – ep 21. As eps 1-24 have been subbed before, we thought it’d be nice to get some new content out as well, so here we are starting from later eps. We don’t h8 Eggplant or anything, but I just didn’t feel confident in jumping in and translating from halfway through an arc – so here we are starting at ep 21. Don’t worry though, with our rapid pace I’m sure it’ll only take a year or so until we get to ep 25! Though I have started TLing ep 9, it’s just a rather taxing ep due to long winding sentences and moralistic whining on the part of everyone all the bloody time.

Anyway, detaily stuff after the jump now I’ve finally bothered writing it. :V

Okay, first of all is – filesize. As you may have noticed, while the files are pretty beautiful, that’s because of the relative simplicity of the show animation-wise and the fact we have a clean, easily compressible source – not to mention the even greater gains gotten on the mkv through softsubbing and anamorphic video. That said, we’re still tuning settings up a bit, so maybe expect filesizes to raise a bit as we can get away with doing so and preserve a bit more detail, etc.

I was a little unsure how to handle Milk’s little vocal tic. I seem to recall (though it’s been ages since I actually WATCHED PC5, I am ashamed to admit) “-miru” being used for hers in the Arienai subs, probably because her tic isn’t her full name unlike -coco or -nuts. That said, I felt it was more consistent to keep them all romanized as opposed to romaji, so I settled for -mil. This also serves to confuse my editor immensely as he keeps asking “is this meant to be Milk or Mil here”, and confusing editors is the duty of any translator.

Bumbee also makes another one of his terrible puns in this episode. When he refers to Girinma’s previous exploits as being “very impressive”, he refers to them as having been ‘mezamashi’ – which, well, means impressive. This is written with the kanji for “keeping one’s eyes open” – literally that the action in question was so impressive as to demand your attention. He then follows this up by directly stating that it was a real eye-opener, so it’s kind of one of those fun puns based on how language evolves over time into having new meanings.

Oh boy, weird Japanese foods with no western equivalent! Tamagoyaki appears again in this ep. It’s appeared before in both HeartCatch (ep 1) and Precure 5 (I think ep 4 or so, when Urara discusses making a bloody blanket out of it) but as it’s ~been a while~ and the previous explanation was on T-N, it’s basically layered omelette made sweet and yummy as a lunchbox snack. Alternatively, wikipedia. Daifuku also make a reappearance in this ep after also previously popping up in both HC and PC5, and those are rice dumplings with a sticky bean paste inside. Why not try making some yourself?

And finally, a little bit of backstory relating to the translation of this episode.

[26/08/10 – 21:38:27] {+Magenta} halp
[26/08/10 – 21:38:33] {+Magenta} i want to translate osewayaku as maid-in-waiting
[26/08/10 – 21:38:51] {+Magenta} talk me out of referring to milk as a maid before i start making really bad jokes
[26/08/10 – 21:39:30] {+Magenta} >A lady-in-waiting (also called waiting maid) is a female personal assistant at a noble court, attending to a queen, a princess or other noblewoman.
[26/08/10 – 21:39:31] {+Magenta} Oh thank god.
[26/08/10 – 21:49:15] {~pcj} heh
[26/08/10 – 21:49:25] {~pcj} so she can’t be a milkmaid :)
[26/08/10 – 21:52:32] {Elizara} I don’t know what that’d translate as
[26/08/10 – 21:52:45] {Elizara} What basically does it mean, mag?
[26/08/10 – 21:54:21] {+Magenta} “caretaker”, really.
[26/08/10 – 21:54:30] {+Magenta} That’s what everyone and their goat seemed to use for it so I’m defaulting to that
[26/08/10 – 21:54:33] {+LobsterHime} steward
[26/08/10 – 21:54:39] {+Magenta} No point rewriting the translation boo-oh that’s a good one
[26/08/10 – 21:54:49] {+LobsterHime} stewardess
[26/08/10 – 21:55:34] {+Magenta} steward(ess) kind of has the connotation you’re attached to the role rather than the person though
[26/08/10 – 21:55:56] {+Magenta} like, you can be a stewardess on a cruise ship but you can’t be a stewardess to an individual person???
[26/08/10 – 21:56:24] {+LobsterHime} no don’t use stewardess that is a retarded word
[26/08/10 – 21:56:46] {Elizara} Just to be sure, what is she caretaker of mag?
[26/08/10 – 21:56:50] {Elizara} Might help to find a word
[26/08/10 – 21:56:51] {+Magenta} coco & nuts
[26/08/10 – 21:56:57] {+LobsterHime} nanny
[26/08/10 – 21:56:59] {+Magenta} XFD
[26/08/10 – 21:57:00] {Elizara} Nanny?
[26/08/10 – 21:57:10] {Elizara} Unless they’re not kids?
[26/08/10 – 21:57:16] {+Magenta} they’re not :w
[26/08/10 – 21:57:19] {+Magenta} and she is kind of?!
[26/08/10 – 21:57:22] {+Magenta} she’s younger than them at least
[26/08/10 – 21:57:27] * Elizara tosses that out of the window
[26/08/10 – 21:57:28] {+Magenta} it’s more like a kind of servant relationship
[26/08/10 – 21:57:35] {+LobsterHime} they act like kids when they’re in tanuki form
[26/08/10 – 21:59:06] {~pcj} in Haruka Nogizaka, each of the two sister had their own personal maid… Milk is that type of servant, to both Coco and Nuts. It’s more of a personal assistant than a maid.
[26/08/10 – 21:59:39] {+Magenta} the other problem is that she’s described as an apprentice [osewayaku]
[26/08/10 – 21:59:47] {+Magenta} and a lot of terms sound really stupid when you add “apprentice” to them
[26/08/10 – 22:00:02] {+Magenta} like an assistant sounds good but “apprentice assistant” sounds like someone who’s ridiculously incompetent
[26/08/10 – 22:00:47] {+LobsterHime} apprentice nanny
[26/08/10 – 22:03:05] {+LobsterHime} just use apprentice maid
[26/08/10 – 22:03:13] {~pcj} she’s a Page
[26/08/10 – 22:03:46] {+Magenta} what about ‘attendant’
[26/08/10 – 22:04:18] {+LobsterHime} she’s an apprentice maid
[26/08/10 – 22:04:40] {+Magenta} make me or find me art of milk in a maid costume for 21 splash
[26/08/10 – 22:04:44] {+Magenta} and you can have ‘apprentice maid’
[26/08/10 – 22:07:46] {~pcj} courtesan
[26/08/10 – 22:07:49] {+LobsterHime}
[26/08/10 – 22:08:06] {+Magenta} FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
[26/08/10 – 22:08:15] {+LobsterHime} this was before GoGo too
[26/08/10 – 22:08:23] {+Magenta} VERY WELL
[26/08/10 – 22:08:34] * Elizara rolls over laughing

6 thoughts on “Yes! Precure 5 – 21 Released

  1. Hi, I realize this episode was put up a while back but I would like to watch it. Unfortunately there are no seeds right now, so if possible could someone on here seed please? I will try to seed downloaded files too especially ones without many seeders. Thank you

  2. i know this was written a long time ago but still i love the picture and i wish to read the full newspaper cause nozomi is suspected to kill urara :D

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