Kamen Rider OOO – Episode 1

I swear, it's not what it looks like!

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BET YOU DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING, HUH. Wait, you read the Twitter sidebar? Well fuck you. >:(

Yes, that’s right, Kamen Rider OOO! We’ve timed up with the fantastic and amazing W-Time, and between us found the motivation and willpower (in a touching and tear-inducing montage) to brave the murky waters of a new Kamen Rider show – and together we are a single subgroup, Over-Time! Will the show suck? Will it be as awesome as W?! Only time will tell. Why not join us in finding out?

If nothing else, it’s a weird as hell intro to a new KR show. For those unfamiliar with Kamen Rider, it’s basically about a man in a spandex suit going around beating the crap out of monsters – and you can’t say fairer than that. It’s like if Power Rangers had a plot and personality, and a damn lot of rather surreal imagery. If you haven’t tried out the exciting world of Japanese live action before, why not give it a shot? You might even be impressed.

In any case, the plan is we’ll do a hardsub version with some of our normal touches – you know, karaoke, text effects, etc. The W-Time audience loves and enjoys subs without frills that don’t distract from the experience – but, ya know us. We have to make everything FABULOUS cause that’s what we do. Don’t expect it mega-quick, but it won’t be a ton of work once we have effects and stuff set up so we can bash it out pretty easy.

I might update this with TLy stuff if people care, but as the TL was kind of a collaborative effort between HeatMetal (W-Time’s translator) and myself I don’t want to take too much credit. XD We are really just helping out a little to encourage them to keep on doing their subbing after the previous show, Kamen Rider W, ended – because the work they do is goddamn fantastic.

Anyway, enough rambling. Please, enjoy the show!

12 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO – Episode 1

    • I’ll probably change it back for the hardsub at least. Heat mentioned in the thread that he was unsure about changing it so the negative reaction to it probably means it won’t stick around.

      That’s the thing – it’s a new show, new translation issues, sometimes it takes a few eps to find a happy compromise – and often there isn’t one, as no matter how you handle something there’ll be people who’d have preferred you doing it the other way. “Translate everything” worked a lot easier in W where most of the stuff was in English anyway, so it’s kind of unexplored territory in terms of appeasing the /m/ audience I guess.

      And hey, it’s HaTiGra! Ha for Hawk. ;o

  1. I watched it. The dialog has more flavor than TVN’s translations, but at the same time I find it overly localized. As one who likes honorifics and key words/phrases left in Japanese (mind you, not as much as Take leaves in, not by a long shot), as well as, yes, the fancy effects that split the audience into factions, I have to say I didn’t like it about the same as I don’t like the work of my own group, TV-Nihon. I’m still searching for something in the middle of the road. I guess I’ll watch both versions for a while and see where that takes me.
    One thing kills me though. HaTiGra? Really? Your audience has ears. Generally. (yes, there are some deaf viewers) TaToBa to HaTiGra is where I have to draw the line. Have the belt yell HAWK! TIGER! HOPPER! but call the form TaToBa. Add a little TL note if you absolutely have to. XP

    • Well, as I said, I know the audience W-Time delivers to has different tastes to ours. We’re still just finalizing typesetting and stuff (Lobster’s made some GORGEOUS effects) and I’ll probably look through the script and tweak it a bit later today.

      • Yeah, I noticed after I had submitted that you mentioned a version with more effects and stuff coming up. That’ll definitely be worth watching. And in the interest of giving everything a fair shot I’ll be watching TVN’s as well. I’m looking forward to seeing where everything goes. At the very least, I can speculate with you guys about where the plot is going to go based on spoilers. XP Something I sorely miss doing at TVN.
        And maybe someday there will be a translation that matches my tastes closely. Maybe someday. In the meantime, cheers and have fun pleasing your audience.

  2. I mentioned on IRC that I’ve never watched kamen rider before, would i be able to watch this and understand it?

    • Yeah, they’re all self-contained series, pretty much. That’s not to say it’s emminently ~understandable~ as they’re generally the kind of show that explains nothing in the first few episodes to keep mystery in the air, but there’s no like… “external information” you’d need to enjoy it.

      • so a bit like when a new precure team is introduced, they have nothing to do with any other series and new viewers can start with them

            • There’s an ep a week on Sundays – airs at the same time HeartCatch does (literally right before – HC is 8:30am and Kamen Rider is 8am)

              We try and get the softsub out within 24 hours and then the hardsub is typical us “when we can be bothered”.

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