HeartCatch Precure 25 Released

Kobraja is the best villain. Don't argue.

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Thanks to the dynamic duo of maryadavies and CureGecko for our DDLs, and don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure or #news on irc.rizon.net – Yeah, they moved. Like, tomorrow. I mean today. I mean, what?

Hoorah, the second half at last! Slightly changed OP! Totally new ED! Entirely awful writing! Okay maybe I’m a bit harsh. This is a pretty good episode, but 26 is so bad it brings the average down several levels by it’s mere presence. Goddamn 26.

Anyway, TL notey stuff after the jump.

First of all, “keikaku” means “plan”. Okay fine god I was just joking. ~_~

Tsubomi’s line a little way into the episode (about 4:35 in) about relaxing around the student council president is evil for many reasons. She says that, as they’re all either a) the same age or b) in the same year group. At first I thought this was complete bollocks: Tsubomi and Itsuki are both 14, whilst Erika is 13, and the other Fashion Club girls have totally unstated ages. I also thought the year thing was bollocks because I was absolutely certain that, like in PC5, Itsuki was in 3rd year whilst the others were in 2nd (the year group numbers resetting at the start of junior high as they do in Japan) but, apparently, she’s also in 2nd year. Who’da thunk it? She always seemed older and more mature to me. :V

When she says not to ‘stand on ceremony’, she uses an obscure Japanese term – bureikou – which means to just relax and forget about superiors and inferiors and all that stuff – it’s the kind of thing your boss would probably say to you at the Christmas party, that kinda thing. When we’re relaxing, nobody’s the boss of anyone ETC. Their reaction however demands something vaguely hammy and obscure in English to match so I think “stand on ceremony” was the best choice in terms of justifiably generating confusion.

Going through the script linearly to check on things, I’m reminded that a noodle chute is the single dumbest idea in the history of anything and Japan can, at times, be utterly retarded. This is, alas, why I love it.

The fairies make use of Erika’s “yarusshu!” catchphrase before the transformation, which is what she normally says in response to Tsubomi’s “lol erika we must transform (and i am the main character so i will say this).” It’s just a fancily casual cheeky version of the verb “yaru”, “to do”, so “Let’s do it!” or something is the simplest translation there.

And finally, Tsubomi’s “new attack” is “Zenbu Punch”, where Zenbu literally just means “everything”. I deliberated with my editor as to whether I wanted to play along with the ridiculousness or try and translate it out into something less stupid sounding. I eventually did, but “Blossom EVERYTHING PUNCH” was a very tempting prospect, I must admit. D:

Anyway, please enjoy the episode. <3

4 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 25 Released

  1. I’m so glad you put all the TL stuff on here rather then the vids

    i’ve been watching rather a lot of Tokyo Mew Mew recently and the person who did that (whoever it was, i don’t know as i only pulled it off nyaa) decided that every time one of the mew-mews referred to an older one as onee-chan/-sama he’d put a note at the top of the vid saying something to the tune of: “onee-chan usually means older sister, but the team use it to reffer to an older team-mate” and this is in every episode, and gets really annoying, really quickly.

    So at least you put it on here for those who are interested rather than forcing it on everyone in the vid.

    I’m not saying I don’t like the TL stuff, i do, it’s just the repetition is bad in Tokyo Mew Mew and you have the right idea

    • As you say, I’m really not a fan of bogging episodes down in that kind of thing – it detracts from the experience if you have to stop and read explanations of things. Better to let people who care for nuance be able to learn about it in their own time and let the actual viewing experience be fairly pure.

      Sometimes it’s necessary – there’s a character in ep 9 of Precure 5 who’s like “lol, if you read my name as one word, it sounds like [obscure japanese contraction of two english words into one new word that doesn’t actually make any sense in english]”, so I had to put a note on that, but it’s best avoided where possible.

      I am STILL annoyed take forced me into using a TL note for the bluestar/tweedia flower thing in one of the earlier eps rather than just translating to tweedia.

      • I take it you’re referring to maskomika (or however it’s spelt, the press/photo/journalist person)

        and yes i have had to pause and read them on many occasions

        I thought you split from T-N in a friendly-ish way? You seem to have grown a bit more aggressive towards them in your recent posts, like your bit from your hollow heartmark post: “I’m sure that inevitably, much like with HC, our picking up the reins seperately will invite a flood of catchup-overtake-gloat releases from T-N” (btw, nice wording on that, and i totally agree as they seemed to be doing only the SD version just to lighten the workload so they could get ahead of you in the beginning, i don’t know about now as i’ve stayed off their pages recently)

        • It was friendly-ish, but at the same time the fact we split shows there were differences, so I don’t necessarily feel bad about pointing them out. It’s not in an “oh god you guys are assholes” kind of way, but it’s just, personally, that decision annoyed me.

          C’est la vie.

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