HeartCatch 01-24 Scripts

Oh god I was meaning to do this the moment we released 24 and I was planning that to be like TWO WEEKS AGO. AAAAAAAARGH!

Okay. So! One of the things we believe in, quite strongly, is fansubbing is pretty much a community effort. In the end, the end goal is to help the community experience media it otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and as such we collaborate, we work together, and we share the fruits of our labor. As such, we were kind of looking for the right point to kind of cast off the veil we were forced to work under and actually make our scripts public, and with the end of the first half of the show now behind us this seems like a good place to do so.

So, we’d like to make public our scripts for everything we’ve released thus far. These include scripts for episodes 1-24, both in our as-used-in-episode overly-typeset format, and a cleaned up format where I’ve taken the liberty of removing all the typesetting and reducing everything down to using one font, much like the PC5 mkv releases. Also thrown in are the OP1 and ED1 karaoke scripts – with ED1 available in the weeaboo-ized version we ended up using to appease our former masters, and a nice romanized one where the English words are actually written in goddamn English rather than romaji.

Now, normally the DL links go right at the top before all this blurb, but as we are not the most logical or efficient of subbers there’s some stuff I’d like to inform people who’d like to use these of – technicality-wise – before actually linking. So catch all that stuff after the jump.

Hi there.

Okay, so. The two big things, usability-wise, about these scripts. Firstly, we make our own raws – which means, alas, these scripts are not natively timed to any of the raws you’ll find going around (probably). In the circumstances we are forced to use external raws, we tend to trim them to match the ones we make (occasionally we make exceptions – like we leave the sponsorship messages in 25 because they have new graphics for them, that kinda thing) so, alas, the timing on these is pretty unique. That said, because we edit out all the broadcaster fluff, these should be pretty damn accurate to the DVDs when they come out – especially in later episodes where we actually get consistent about stuff. (It took us a while to find our feet. D:)

I’ve taken the liberty of cleaning the scripts up slightly to use consistent typesetting and stuff, but at the same time I don’t HAVE a lot of the early raws any more, so I was doing stuff kind of mechanically and there is always the possibility I accidentally deleted a line I shouldn’t have or didn’t import a style I should have done or whatever – and there may be the odd mistake in there somewhere due to my lackluster attention span when dealing with these things. If you find one, lemme know and I’ll fix it up. <3

The other thing you may be asking is – SD scripts? Truth is, there aren’t any. Evil secret is we do the SD by just applying the subs to the HD raw and then I downsample the whole thing. This is why the eyecatch messages can look a little fuzzy at times, depending on how generous mbtree is feeling that day. If you want to encode an SD with these, remember that going down to 848×480 will mean signs and things get misplaced slightly horizontally, so they might need slight repositioning.

And that’s pretty much all the disclaimers out the way. Even if you don’t actually intend to use these, we have a lot of fun just dropping jokes and trading banter in the scripts, so reading the Typeset versions in Notepad or something might be a bit funny if you’re kind of bored, I guess? XD But we make these freely available for you to peruse – we would politely request credit if you choose to use them for a public release, though obviously this is the internet. So just have fun with ’em and feel free to gut and dismember them for your own ends if so you choose. XD

Without further ado, here’s the download link for the episode 1-24 scripts!

I’m not sure how to handle releasing the scripts for the rest of the show – I’m thinking 4-6 ep batches, but maybe just another batch like this at the end? I dunno, it’s up to you guys. Lemme know what you think or if, indeed, you want them at all. That said, it’s always nice to future-proof because while I think we make pretty good releases by today’s standards, encoding and fansubbing practices and stylistics are always changing – and people being able to update the scripts to meet their own needs is a noble endeavour indeed, I feel. <3

As a final note – and I’m not genuinely expecting anyone to do it, but if anyone does feel insane enough to retime these to match a consistent raw source, I would love you forever and happily both link to them here and fellate you endlessly for doing so. It’s a lot of work and, at this point in time, I don’t think anyone really cares – but it’s the thought that counts, eh. :w

One thought on “HeartCatch 01-24 Scripts

  1. Salutations, my good sirs. The sendspace link has, sadly, gone the way of the McRib and self-respect and died off suddenly, unexpectedly and rather annoyingly . Can you re-upload the script link please?

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