HeartCatch Precure 24 Released

I have many intricate ways of trolling my editor. This is but one.

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to the lovely duo of maryadavies and CureGecko for our DDLs, and don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure on irc.curecom.net (or #news on irc.rizon.net thank you very much Rika ;o)

Apologies for the delays on this one – we had a bit of a comedy of errors. I finished TLing just as our editor went on vacation, one of our QCers’ computers exploded just as he returned (THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR HAVING A MAC, ALKAID) and then our distro server decided what it’d really like to do right about then was have a hard drive failure.

I wish I was making this up. It kinda works out though as it means 25 is ready to encode and 26 is pretty much good to go too when you see this post, so we should be able to push out those two with the same frantic pace we pushed out 17-23. Just don’t ask about 27 cause I haven’t started it yet ok I’ve been playing Castlevania HD it is very addicting GIVE ME MY CHAOS RING MENACE.

Ahem. Anyway, TL notey stuff after the jump.

Oh god it’s scary I’ve forgotten how to work this thing. So let’s talk about trees.

Lacking name meanings to go into today, I think the Great Heart Tree is worth discussing just cause it’s grammatically kinda weird. Usually, ‘tree’ is written with the very simple kanji “ki” – 木. If you have Japanese language support you’ll see it’s shaped like a tree, with a central trunk, and branches coming away from it. The kanji for forest, rather beautifully, is just three of these put together – 森. But not the Great Heart Tree, oh no. It has to use a stupid antiquated romanticized kanji for tree – 樹. The Great Heart Tree is, literally in Japanese, “The Big Tree of the Heart” – “Kokoro no Taiju”. However… I happened to be replaying Ocarina of Time at the time HeartCatch first aired.

And now you see the whim of the translator. We are not as logical as first we seem.

But seriously, the old antiquated ‘ju’ kanji is kinda interesting. It gets used in a lot of names for old mythologicaly type stuff. The legendary Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is written in Japanese as “sekaiju” – using that old ju kanji. This is why the Etrian Odyssey series is called “Sekaiju no Meikyuu” in Japanese – it’s “The Labyrinth of the World Tree”. A lot of people misread this as “Sekaijuu no Meikyuu” – “The Underground Labyrinth”. Thus ends my tangent no-one cares about.

Anyway, Sunshine’s catchphrase. It uses the passive voice in that way Japan loves to do of having the action be after the subject it’s being performed on. If you don’t care about that nuance, you can reword it to “My light shall illuminate the darkness within your heart!”. Unfortunately, some idiot (that is to say, “me”) thought it’d be a good idea to italicize the climactic part of the catchphrase, meaning I’m kind of stuck using the same order as the moon. Hooray for shortsightedness! The folly of youth.

Normally I hate in-episode karaoke – for good reason, it’s distracting as fuck and just pulls away from the other dialogue. As there wasn’t any however, and Future Flower is quite a fun song lyrically, we put a simple little karaoke on it. The song shows up again in 25 in a scene where stuff actually HAPPENS, and we didn’t karaoke it there, but I just felt it’d be weird to have this giant 2-minute expanse of no subs no nothing while this quite nice song is playing, so there we go. Lobster very kindly k-timed it and here we are. <3


One thought on “HeartCatch Precure 24 Released

  1. @Mag: i can fully believe the crap you’ve been putting up with, as when shit happens, a lot happens, in unison. I also fully understand the techno side of the problems, as i’m a techie and having been mucked around by my new laptop enough today, i’m fighting the urge to drop it from a first story window, when all i was doing was something that SHOULD have worked with no problems

    @ Alkaid: Mag is right, get a PROPER Computer, one that doesn’t cost the earth, one that doesn’t need specialist programmers to code for it, and one that is supported by everything. I think they call it windows? name ring any bells?

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