Hollow Heartmark 01 Released

Accel! Key! Bird! MAXIMUM DRIVE!

MP4: DDL | Torrent
MKV: DDL | Torrent

Well hello, I bet this has come as a bit of a surprise, hasn’t it? Fun times for all!

First of all, I bet you’re asking “What the hell is Hollow Heartmark?” Well, it’s a spin-off radio show tied into the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider W, hosted by two of it’s characters – Queen and Elizabeth. Whilst the radio show doesn’t really tie in to the plot of the show in the same way the other spinoff “Healing Princess” does, it is still delivered in-character and is a nice little bit of fun banter. The show is about 10 minutes long and for 11MB for the mp4 it’s probably worth checking out. A fun way to waste quarter of an hour, at least.

No knowledge of the show is necessary, so go ahead and jump in and give it a listen if you like. It’s a little bit of idle conversation, a little bit of singing, and a Q&A mail-in section where they try and solve problems for the listeners.

I was asked to do this while I was still at T-N, and until fairly recently my intent was still to release it there. Unfortunately various bits of rather subdued drama as of late have pretty much killed any remaining intent I had to collaborate with the group under it’s current leadership, but I didn’t want the work to go to waste. This is a side project I intend to work on in my spare time, so releases may not be very frequent, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I’m sure that inevitably, much like with HC, our picking up the reins seperately will invite a flood of catchup-overtake-gloat releases from T-N, but I figure if you’re here reading this then that probably isn’t going to deter you. XD

As ever, the mp4 is what you’d expect from us – honorifics, loads of fonts, hardsubbing, yada yada. The mkv is simplified with no honorifics, and generally designed to match the general translation aesthetic of W-Time’s releases of the show. The only thing I have left in is font colouring, because it can be bloody hard to tell who’s talking in this – though as is the joy of mkv, you can disable that yourself in Aegisub if you so wish <3

In any case, a nice little present to accompany the airing of W’s final episode. It’s been a great show, and I’m looking forward to watching the last episode. A thanks to Cheetah from T-N for the sexy typesetting that almost made me stick with T-N’s releases, and thanks to the team from W-Time for deliciously quick and beautifully phrased translations that have made watching the show a delight. That said, “Furikiru ze!” getting subbed as “Freaky!” the first time it appeared in T-N’s releases has provided Lobster and I with enough laughs to last a lifetime, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Please enjoy, anyway.

Edit: Someone pointed out I should probably explain the name. XD The show’s Japanese title is “Queen & Elizabeth’s Shironuki Heartmark”. Shironuki basically means when you draw the outline of a shape but leave the center hollow, so I decided “Hollow Heartmark” was a nice simple English translation. Looking at the blag stats though people have been googling it trying to figure out wtf it is and only getting recursive links back to this place, which is a pretty poor show on my part explanation-wise. D:

So yeah, this is Shironuki Heartmark for those wondering. Apologies for the confusion!

2 thoughts on “Hollow Heartmark 01 Released

  1. That said, “Furikiru ze!” getting subbed as “Freaky!” the first time it appeared in T-N’s releases has provided Lobster and I with enough laughs to last a lifetime”

    Damn you Magpie you made me spit my lemonade again :<

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