Status Update – 8/13

I’ll delete this next time we make a post, but just a brief response to “y u gaiz not release anythan.” – though remember we keep project status updates in the Projects page. <3 Also going to take the Precure 5 tag off the “how we done PC5” entry now that’s sorted out, just so it doesn’t trick people clicking the tag into thinking there’s an ep out or whatever.

First of all, I added a new little Articles section. This is to house any ~informative articles~ we happen to write about various issues – and would you believe it there’s one in there already??? It’s magical and it’s about honorifics and why we still use them even though we’re not Kisama Yatsu.

HC24: (8/25 Edit) Ready~! Just setting things up and getting encodes done etc. etc.

HC25: (8/25 Edit) In QC.

HC26: (8/25 Edit) Encoding QC copy now!

PC5 8: (8/25 Edit) Also ready! Hop on IRC and I might even leak you the mkv~ <3

PC5 21: (8/22 Edit) Pretimed script sent to Magenta for TL. Milk is adorable. That is all.

[25/08/10 – 19:05:31] {LobsterHime} FUUUUUUUCK
[25/08/10 – 19:05:34] {LobsterHime} why am i so dumb
[25/08/10 – 19:05:45] {LobsterHime} [08/24-23:46:39] {LobsterHime} FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[25/08/10 – 19:05:46] {LobsterHime} [08/24-23:46:46] {LobsterHime} forgot to install the karaoke font
[25/08/10 – 19:05:56] * LobsterHime installed karaoke fonts on lunix machine and re-encodes
[25/08/10 – 19:06:07] {Magenta} forgetting you pre-render the subs on windows? ;o
[25/08/10 – 19:06:12] {LobsterHime} yes

11 thoughts on “Status Update – 8/13

  1. lobster- I’m sorry if you’re stuck timing. I can imagine watching the same thing over and over again(adnasuem) 200+ times and it doesn’t seem like fun.

    Magenta- thanks for all you do….and thanks for the updates ^^

  2. Btw, just curious, but would you guys at a later point re-release the first seven into mp4/mkv for consistency’s sake?

  3. Nexus: Probably, yeah, once the Linear path catches back up to the Skipping Ahead one.

    Also, the PC5 status would have been a lot brighter if I’d remembered to check my email this morning.

    Dark: Aww, thank you too. <3 It's the people that watch that make doing this so awesometastic.

  4. nexus- I already have the areani subs so that skipping ahead won’t affect contunity. I still plan on getting all the Aesir ones but I just wana be up on events…you should do the same

  5. I just saw the samples you posted on LJ and it looks great, can’t wait for you to release PC5 !

  6. Because it’s a good thing to have in your archives, and really, it’s not like we need to be worried about keeping this place ~perfect and clean and pristine.~ And it’s an introduction to the Articles section/reminder of our status tracker.

    A generalized status update post wouldn’t be amiss every so often when unusual delays arise, anyhow.


  7. “PC5 8: (8/18 Edit) In QC. ”

    I would watch this again only in celebrating more Precure getting subbed. *waiting patiently for PC5 25*

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