HeartCatch Precure 23 Released

What do you mean, the wrong Precure? You people are so damn demanding.

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to the lovely Elizara/maryadavies for our DDLs – I had the sense to get the files to her before we released this time. I’m learning! Also don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure on irc.curecom.net (or #news on irc.rizon.net thank you very much Rika ;o)

Also, it is still Sunday on the west coast.

Boring stuff no-one cares about after the jump! I mean, interesting episode nuances. Yes. That is what I meant.

Name meanings blah blah I dunno nobody new in this ep yada yada ‘Sasori’ means scorpion ‘Myoudouin’ means ‘Brighthall’ blah blah fuck it. I guess I’ve never explained Satsuki’s name so I’ll do that – it’s another floral name! Who’d have guessed?! Satsuki is the shorthand term for the Satsukitsutsuji, a type of azalea. That’s a rhodedendron, don’t you know.

Wow, I just scanned the script looking for stuff to talk about, there’s goddamn nothing. The one thing of note is the point about “three arrows” in the preview. This is an old Japanese tale about a feudal lord who wanted to encourage his sons to work together rather than bickering and power-squabbling. He handed each of them an arrow and asked them to snap it – which they did, easily. He then gave them three arrows together, and told them to snap all three at once, which they were incapable of doing. The point made is basically that you’re stronger together than apart, which Erika kind of misuses because there wasn’t a third member for them to be apart from until now. Meh.

Also, oh boy, Potpourri has ANOTHER annoying speech defect. Who saw that coming, huh?!

5 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 23 Released

  1. I can see Myoudouin being literally translated when (and indeed, if) this gets dubbed, as seeing natalie and hanah’s surnames it’d seems as though it’ll fit right in

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