Precure 5 and You

So, now we’re getting caught up with HeartCatch, and we’re… slightly less held back, shall we say, in terms of our ability to release PC5, we’re about ready to start thundering away at it again. We know we had kind of a shaky start but we think we can probably get a couple of eps out a month. Which means we’ll probably get about an ep out a month. But sarcasm aside, where we go from here is a big issue.

With T-N, it was pretty much expected to start again from ep 1, and the original Arienai versions of 1-20 were very hard to come across at the time we started the project. Now, with things in a slightly different position and those episodes more readily available, we figure it might be a good idea to do things PCSS style and get the ball rolling from episode 21, giving people new content whilst going back and doing the old episodes in-between. Sort of in an 8-21-9-22-10-23 pattern, etc.

We’re also more free to determine our own release format. Continue doing mp4s, or go for softsubbed mkv? mp4 obviously has nice hardware compatibility and that hardsub ease-of-use, but at the same time going mkv allows us to be more open with our scripts (something we’ve been dying to do – and we’ll be releasing our HeartCatch scripts for 1-24 pretty soon after we get 24 out) and also make use of ordered chapters to reduce filesizes while providing the same quality – with the disadvantage of being slightly more unwieldy and unintuitive to the less technologically-inclined watcher.

Well, we’d like to get your feedback. Feel free to respond to either this post or the one on the Precure LiveJournal. After the jump, I’ll explain some of the choices in more detail so you can make an informed judgement.

HD or SD?

The first thing to point out is – Precure 5, I hate to break it to you, isn’t really animated in HD. Sort of.

We ran some tests using the HD transport streams of the show, downsampling them to SD resolutions and then upscaling them – this is a process that allows you to see what detail is ‘exclusive’ to the HD and would be lost in a downscale. The answer is, umm… not much. Background objects were occasionally drawn in 720p, but the vast majority of the show is in 480p. As such, while there exist HD raws we could use, using them would essentially be a waste of bitrate – a large increase in filesize for detail that pretty much only exists on things you’ll never pay attention to. Sure, it might be a very nice 720p windowframe, but I don’t think, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really HD-worthy. As such, we have no intentions to do an HD version of Precure 5.

Episode Order

As pointed out before, episodes 1-20 of the show have been subbed by the very competent team at Arienai. If great minds think alike, then, well, we made the same silly mistake on episode 3. XD But in seriousness, the situation with being able to acquire those episodes is a lot better now, and we’re in less of a position where we’re tied to linearity.

As such, it’d be nice to get new content out, as PC5 is at this point the show most direly in need of subbing, IMO. So, while we’ve started work on ep 8, in future I think the majority of you would probably rather we started subbing the new episodes than the old ones. I know it’s kind of a bummer to people who like to watch things in a linear order, but the nice thing is that you can do if you just defect and watch those nice Arienai subs. But much as PCSS went back and redid the already subbed Splash Star eps, it’s our intention to ensure the entirity of PC5 gets that nice [Aesir] tag at some point. I’d like to go back and look over eps 1-7 at some point to bring them up to 480p, but that’s something we can do at our convenience over due time.

The question is, would you guys prefer we worked linearly or jumped ahead to get new episodes done? I think I can guess the majority of the responses to this one. XD

Release Format

Okay, the less important one – what format would you prefer we released in? I personally have a massive hardon for hardsubs I can fling onto my 360 and watch, so I’d like us to do a hardsub mp4, but the convenience of mkv is pretty immense. Whilst certain things would be hardsubbed (effects and karaoke, basically) you’d be able to turn off the subs if you wanted, and any mistakes we might make could be easily fixed without needing to re-encode and redistribute – no more DAT FRUMIXes. Unless you want them!

There are other cool things we can do with mkv like segment linking and ordered chapters, but these are kind of insane and we don’t necessarily want to commit to doing them. In addition, people could demux the scripts and use them if they wanted to do their own hardsubs, or use the HD raws ~if you really want your HD windowframes~ and that kind of thing. You’re not quite so locked in to the one-size-fits-all approach with hardsubbing – if you don’t like things, they can be fixed. Honorifics? If you don’t like them, they can be gone. Foreign language subtitle tracks? We could add those, sure. All part of the fun.

That said, it would reduce compatibility with media devices – you’d have to do your own encodes to mp4/avi. Or we might do them anyway – I might whip up mp4 encodes just for myself anyway and then make them publically available. It’s really up to you guys – and that’s what this is all about. :)

Let us know what you want us to do, and we will try to deliver. <3 I’ll crosspost this to the LJ to get responses there too, so I trust you guys not to post on both sides and try to skew things, mmkay? ;o

17 thoughts on “Precure 5 and You

  1. 1) Are you intentionally ignoring Eggplant’s 21-24?
    2) It would be great if you started at 21 or (preferably) 25.
    3) Don’t some people have the DVDs on #precure already? Why not use those instead?
    4) Since you’re not gonna softsub the entire thing, I don’t care if you’re using mp4 or Matroska, as long as it has chapters.
    5) DON’T use ordered chapters. The credits DO change in the ending animations.

  2. 1) No, I forgot about those, good point. I’d kind of like to do that ‘arc’ as a whole though, as 25-30 are kind of reliant on 21-24 cause of Milk. I’m not sure I could manage jumping halfway into a story like that and keep the translation quality high. :w
    2) Yeah, that was my thinking.
    3) That’s the plan! We’re going to use DVD raws at 480p. Just explaining why we’re not using the HD transport streams from the recent re-airing.
    4) We always have chapters. When I remember them. Last time I forgot them on 3 straight eps but luckily hadn’t released them yet so I could still fix. :w We could softsub the entire thing, but it’d involve switchable hardsubs, which we love, but are objectively terrible.
    [07/08/10 – 16:22:46] {LobsterHime} but i’m not so into the segment linking thing because the ED credits change every ep
    [07/08/10 – 16:22:59] {Magenta} ah, right. D:
    [07/08/10 – 16:23:37] {LobsterHime} not entirely sure if they do on the dvd though
    [07/08/10 – 16:23:40] {LobsterHime} i’ve only encoded ep8

  3. Being able to watch on my PS3 is a big thing for me, so hardsub mp4’s all way for me. i already have to demux curecom’s fresh mkv’s and i’d rather not have to do the same with 5 and HC. I love the fact i can just watch them straight away. Keep up the hard work guys :)

  4. I’m right there with you. Currenty my PS3 is the best media player in my house. I can use the linux box I also have hooked up to my HDTV but it’s an old Pentium 4 2.5 gigahertz so HD video gives it headaches.(Digimon Xross wars is the latest thing to try to kill it and that glitches whever the action gets busy). I have very little luck trying to convert things so I tend to download all the SD versions which are usually Xvid *.AVI so they work just fine.(there are a few exceptions to this rule)

  5. one more thing for Megenta: If you start at 20-24 I’m sure the PCCSS guy would help unless he’s burned out to death. Oh and tahnk you for doing this!

  6. I approached Zalis a few times since we split from T-N but got no response – I assume he’s just taking a well-earned break and considering his next move. Hopefully we can either work together or, by us actually working on this show again, we can scratch something off his potential to-do list. XD

  7. Just seeing that mention of “dat frumix” what the hell happened there? how did that pass QC?

    I’d got for either, as I’m not too bothered about putting the vids on my console, as I’ve got a mid-range PC that does the job quite nicely and i have the convenience of my internet keyboard for volume and play/pause. So if mkv would be more convenient go for it, and it means you can patch should you fluff something up at some point in the future.

    The guy from PCSS Subs was considering joining, as he put a poll on to see what people wanted subbed next and he’d see if he could join the group currently doing that series and YPC5 seems to be the favourite

    The thing I’m most annoyed about is the HD issue,m as 480p up-scaled to 1080p looks dreadful and 720p would look better (not perfect but better), and it would continue better with what Arienai did as they did HD as well

  8. I like Mp4 so, you can put me down for that, as for starting at 21 not a problem with me since it seems the Precure stuff is readily available now.

  9. Starting at ep21 and redoing ep1-20 when you can works for me.
    Doesn’t matter to me if you use MKV or MP4 as I use my computer. Which ever is best for you guys.

  10. Oh…why do I forget stuff? 480P is fine for me since that’s how it came out. I have plenty of encodes on this level and they still look great.(the old downscaled ones look awfull!)

    I will say again: I dealy love your *.mp4 encodes ^^

  11. Force Gaia: We did something like that every episode at T-N just to see if the QCers were awake. Check the preview in ep 15 for an example of what happened when they weren’t. :3

    We left it in for ep 17 because a) we forgot to take it out and b) having done so, we thought it was pretty fucking hilarious. There’s a few more silly jokes in later episodes too from when we were on the high of freedom. I think we’ve calmed down now though. :3

    As a general response to the HD stuff, here’s the thing. If we released at 720p, it’d look pretty much the same as if we released at 480p and you made your window 1.5x bigger. Yes, it’d be a little less sharp, but that’s only because it’s sharpness that’s been artificially added to not make it look terrible at 720p. We could do the exact same thing and upscale it to 1080p and it’d look ‘good’, but the point is there’s no actual detail gain from using 720p.

    If you’re that fussed about how it looks when upscaled, “find a player that does runtime filtering and get a good sharpening filter going.” was Lobster’s suggestion in the IRC channel with… slightly less tact. XD

    • seeing your samples that you posted on LJ the 480p thing isn’t as much an issue, as it doesn’t look bad at all, the reason i thought it would was because some other anime’s of the same res have looked shockingly bad in 1080

      Any chance of you putting some of the other funnies the QC’ers noticed in an outtake vid just to see what sort of things that you sliped in, as you said yourself that they’re funny and it’d be a laugh to see

      did lobsterhime give any examples of players with that feature? as i’m currently using either VLC or a combination of WMP and K-lite codecs

  12. If it doesn’t make a difference if its 480 or 720 just release it as 480.

    I think doing the 8-21-8-22 patterns is great, although I’m just hoping for 25 and up :P

  13. I don’t care about mkv or mp4. I used to watch fansubs on my Wii for a while, but the Wii mplayer is broken for me and freezes often, to the point where I usually just use a PC anyway.

    I admit I’d prefer starting at 25, but hey, it’s your fansub.

  14. I’d also like it in 480p please. And mp4 hardsubbed if possible (or both mkv & mp4 if it’s not too much trouble). I prefer the 8-21-9-22-10-23 pattern. Or only 21-end.

    Thanks for continuing with the sub. Love you guys.

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